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  Dell UPS

Overview / Intro

Dell is proud to offer the first family of UPSs built to run at 95 percent or higher efficiency, incorporating:
  • Designed by Dell engineering to work with the Dell servers
  • Ready RailsTM  for tool-less rack mounting
  • Intuitive full colour graphical LCD interface with advanced diagnostic features
  • IPV6 compliant with secure remote flash upgradeable firmware
  • Full Dell 3 year warranty including batteries, extendable if purchase with server warranty extension.                                           * The extended warranty does not cover the UPSs batteries, these are limited to 3 years.

These UPSs are excellent choices for any business or enterprise that cannot afford power-related damage, disruption or downtime.

Dell UPSs are an especially strong choice for protecting Dell IT equipment. These are the only UPSs designed to harmonize with Dell equipment, integrate with Dell Management Console and use familiar Dell interfaces for monitoring and administration. With Dell UPSs, you can have a single source for IT equipment and the UPSs to protect it—plus the backing of Dell’s three-year warranty which includes batteries.

With the help of Dell’s online calculator (www.dellups.com) it is easy to select the best model from the Dell UPS family for your needs.

What size?

For accurate UPS configurations visit www.dellups.com As a general guide:
  • A 500W UPS would be more than enough to protect a PC, monitor, printer and VoIP phone.
  • A 1000W UPS could cover a high-powered engineering workstation with peripherals.
  • A 1920W UPS could serve an office with several PCs, photocopier and fax machine.
  • A 2700W UPS could serve a network closet with telephone key system or small PBX system.
  • A 3750 UPS could protect a rack of traditional 1U servers.
  • A 5600W UPS could protect one or two racks of blade servers.

What models are available?

Line Interactive Tower UPSLine Interactive Rack / Tower UPSLine Interactive Rack UPSHigh Efficiency Online Rack UPS
Line Interactive Tower UPSLine Interactive Rack / Tower UPSLine Interactive Rack UPSHigh Efficiency Online Rack UPS
500W2700W1000W2700W Short Depth(SD)
Extended Battery Modules & Accessories
EBM for 1000WEBM for 2700W (3U)EBM for 1920WEBM for 2700W SD
EBM for 1920WEBM for 3750/4200W
EBM for 5600W
Dell UPS Management Software: ships free of charge with every Dell UPS
* Hardwired, requires installation except for 3750W 208V which is L6-30P
  • 1900W is de-rated to 1500W
  • 2700W is de-rated to 2300W