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  RAID Controller

                                                        PERC Series-7 Controllers

The latest PERC Series-7 Controllers enable a mature 6Gb/s SAS end-to-end solution with better performance capability and increased flexibility and scalability to the Dell 11th Generation PowerEdge Servers, the PowerVault MD3200 & MD3220 Shared SAS Arrays and the MD1200 and MD1220 Expansion Enclosures.

Key Features for Series-7, 6Gb/s SAS PERC:
  • PCI-Express Gen2.0 support
  • 6Gb/s SAS (SAS 2.0) host interface
  • Doubles throughput performance capability
  • PERC H700 and PERC H800:
    Increased IOPs performance (up to 35% improvement)
    Adds support for Self Encrypting Drives (SED)
    Adds 512MB cache to PERC Internal with PERC H700
  • PERC H800 also offers the following for PowerVault MD1200 and MD1220 enclosures:
    Increased Capacity and Scalability – up to 192 drives connected to one PERC H800
    Increased Flexibility - mix 2.5” (MD1220) and 3.5” (MD1200) enclosures connected to one PERC H800
  • PERC H200:
    Adds expander support to connect to more than 8 drives
    Adds RAID-10 support
  • PERC 6Gbps SAS HBA:
    Adds support for MD3200 & MD3220 Share SAS Arrays
    Adds support for Tape

DellTM  PERC Products

ModelInterface SupportPCI SupportSAS ConnectorsCache Memory SizeWrite Back CacheRAID LevelsMax Drive SupportRAID Support
PERC H800 Adapter 6Gb/s SASPCI-Express 2.02x4 external512MB
512MB NV
Yes (TBBU)0,1,5,6,10,50,60192Hardware RAID
PERC H700 Integrated / Adapter 6Gb/s SASPCI-Express 2.02x4 internal512MB
512MB NV
Yes (BBU)0,1,5,6,10,50,6016Hardware RAID
PERC H700 Modular 6Gb/s SASPCI-Express 2.01x4 internal512MBYes (BBU)0,1,5,6,104Hardware RAID
PERC H200 Integrated / Adapter 6Gb/s SASPCI-Express 2.02x4 internal - - 0,1,10,supports Non-RAID16Hardware RAID
PERC H200 Modular 6Gb/s SASPCI-Express 2.01x4 internal - - 0,1,10,supports Non-RAID4Hardware RAID
6Gbps SAS HBA 6Gb/s SASPCI-Express 2.02x4 External - - - - HBA Hardware
PERC 6/E Adapter 3Gb/s SASPCI-Express 1.02x4 external512MB
Yes (TBBU)0,1,5,6,10,50,60144Hardware RAID
PERC 6/I Integrated / Adapter 3Gb/s SASPCI-Express 1.02x4 internal256MBYes (BBU)0,1,5,6,10,50,6016Hardware RAID
PERC 6/I Modular 3Gb/s SASPCI-Express 1.01x4 internal256MBYes (BBU)0,1,5,6,104Hardware RAID
CERC 6/I Modular 3Gb/s SASPCI-Express 1.01x4 internal128MB - 0,1,5,6,104Hardware RAID
SAS 6/IR Integrated / Adapter 3Gb/s SASPCI-Express 1.02x4 internal - - 0,18Hardware RAID
SAS 6/IR Modular 3Gb/s SASPCI-Express 1.01x4 internal - - 0,14Hardware RAID
Windows OS only
3Gb/s SASPCI-Express 1.02x4 internal - - 0,1,10,58Software RAID on HBA
Windows OS only
3Gb/s SAS - 4 cabled SATA - - 0,1,10,54Software RAID on SATA chipset
SAS 5/E HBA 3Gb/s SASPCI-Express 1.02x4 external - - - - HBA Hardware
DellTM  Storage Controller Manuals
DellTM  Open ManageTM  Server Administrator Manuals

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