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0.09 micron technology
0.09 micron is a manufacturing term that refers to the feature size of the poly-silicon gate in the microprocessor. This feature size has a direct correlation to the speed and power requirements of the microprocessor. As feature sizes are reduced, the process speed (MHz) increases while the power requirements decrease correspondingly. 0.09 micron is currently the smallest feature size available in high volume manufacturing, and is used for the Intel® Pentium® M processor.

Basic design of a microprocessor. It may include processor technology and/or other architectural enhancements.

The bus is a set of conductors that connect all of the functional units in a computer, as well as external memory, peripherals, or networks. Higher System Bus Speed can enhance a computer's performance and speed.

A temporary storage for frequently accessed or recently accessed data. Having certain data stored in a cache speeds up the operation of the computer. Cache size is measured in megabytes (MB) or kilobytes (KB).

The chipset controls the system and its capabilities. All components communicate with the processor through the chipset - it is the hub of all data transfer. The chipset uses the DMA controller and the bus controller to organize the steady flow of data that it controls. The chipset is a series of chips attached directly to the motherboard, and is usually second in size only to the processor. Chipsets are integrated (soldered onto the motherboard) and are not upgradeable without a new motherboard.

Clock Speed
Speed of the processor's internal clock which dictates how fast the processor can process the data. Clock speed is usually measured in GHz (gigahertz, or billions of pulses per second).

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® technology
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® technology enables real-time dynamic switching of the voltage and frequency between two performance modes based on processor demand. This occurs by switching the system bus ratios, core operating voltage, and core processor speeds without resetting the system.

Front Side Bus
The connecting path between the processor and other key components such as the memory controller hub. FSB speed is measured in GHz or MHz.

Intel® NetBurst micro-architecture
This is the Pentium 4-M internal chip architecture. The NetBurst micro-architecture delivers a number of innovative features including Hyper Pipelined Technology, 400 MHz System Bus, Execution Trace Cache, and Rapid Execution Engine. It also delivers a number of enhanced features, including Advanced Transfer Cache, Advanced Dynamic Execution, Enhanced Floating Point and Multimedia Unit, and Streaming SIMD Extensions 2

Level 1 Cache
A small, fast memory cache that is built in to the main chip and helps speed access to important and frequently-used data.

Level 2 Cache
A collection of built-in memory chips, slower than the Level 1 Cache but faster than the main memory area. Level 2 (L2) Cache can help speed the operation of some applications.

P6 Microarchitecture
This is the Celeron processor's internal chip architecture. It's features include multiple branch prediction, dataflow analysis and speculative execution all of which help to ensure the efficiency of the processor and to boost overall performance.

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