AC Adapters for Use with your Dell System

Use only the Dell provided AC adapter approved for use with your computer or docking station. Use of another AC adapter may cause a fire or explosion.

Use only the Dell-provided AC power cable with the AC adapter. Operation with any other power cable may damage the device or AC adapter or may present risk of fire or electric shock.

NOTE: Refer to this Spreadsheet for information on the proper adapter model approved for use with your device.

For information on replacement adapters, refer to the Dell Battery and Adapter Center at http://www.dell.com/batteries/

General Safety Information for AC Adapters

Additional safety instructions are supplied with each Dell system. Read and follow the safety instructions provided with your system. Also, you may refer to the Safety Information on the Regulatory Compliance website for further safety instructions.

Place the AC adapter in a ventilated area, such as a desk top or on the floor, when you use it to run the computer or to charge the battery. Do not cover the AC adapter with papers or other items that will reduce cooling; also, do not use the AC adapter inside a carrying case.

The AC adapter may become hot during normal operation of your computer. Use care when handling the adapter during or immediately after operation.

It is recommended that you lay the adapter on the floor or desk so that the green light is visible. This will alert you if the adapter should accidentally go off due to external effects. If for any reason the green light goes off, disconnect the AC cord from the wall for a period of ten seconds, and then reconnect the power cord.

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