Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety

At Dell, our vision for environmental, health and safety (EHS) awareness is to promote a culture that provides a safe, injury-free workplace while fostering environmental excellence. To be successful, our EHS team must engage all of our employees worldwide and encourage them to take personal ownership of environmental, health and safety issues and integrate best practices into their daily activities.

We design our EHS programs to exceed regulatory compliance requirements by providing the standards, business processes and tools needed to drive continuous improvement.

Figure 9 shows the total recordable workplace injury rates for Dell’s U.S. operations and global manufacturing facilities for calendar years 2002 through 2006. Figure 10 shows the lost time case rates over the same period for the same facilities.

The 2006 recordable case rate decreased slightly from the previous year to 0.55, while the lost time case rate increased slightly to 0.14 (number of cases per 200,000 work hours or approximately 100 full-time employees). Both rates, however, remain well below the most recently published industry average data. Our goal is to continue to drive our recordable rate lower during the next five years, and increase the number of locations where we track data.

Fiscal Year 2007 Health and Safety Awards and Recognition

The following highlights are a few of our significant accomplishments for fiscal year 2007:

  • Parmer South 4 (Austin, Texas) office and lab building received certification under the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s Voluntary Protection Program (OSHA VPP). A total of 10 facilities in the U.S. currently have VPP certification.
  • On October 10, 2006, our EMF3 manufacturing facility in Limerick, Ireland was granted VPP certification under a program jointly sponsored by the Ireland Health and Safety Authority and the U.S. OSHA. The facility became the largest site in Ireland to achieve this recognition.

Health and Safety Regulatory Compliance

Dell facilities are subject to periodic routine regulatory inspections, such as those for fire safety, food health and safety, and workplace safety. Such inspections may result in minor findings or improvement notices; these findings are typically corrected immediately and do not require further investigation or inspection.

More serious and formal situations do occur on occasion. At our manufacturing facility in El Dorado, RS (Brazil), a safety inspection by the local labor ministry in December 2006 resulted in findings for failure to activate the site’s internal accident prevention committee as required by law, lack of proper training for a committee member, and failure to properly inspect a compressed air tank. The findings regarding the accident prevention committee may result in Dell being issued a fine.

                      FIGURE 9

Workplace Injury Rates

                   FIGURE 10

Workdays Lost

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