How Dell Does IT: Virtualization

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How Dell Does IT: Virtualization

"Dell PowerEdge servers are perfectly suited for virtualization because they are based on open standards and they are optimized run a variety of operating systems and applications well."

- Rick Merino, Senior Systems Engineer in Core Engineering, Dell IT


Dell IT needed to quickly and cost-effectively provide server power to meet the growing needs of the company’s internal development and testing groups—without exceeding space and resource constraints.


Dell IT deployed a virtualized server farm based on Dell PowerEdgeTM  servers running VMware ESX Server®  2.5, VMware VirtualCenterTM  1.2, VMware VMotionTM , Altiris®  Deployment SolutionTM , and Dell OpenManageTM  for Servers. In addition, a Dell/EMC Fibre Channel RAID array running the EMC® Navisphere®  Management Suite provides storage support for the shared development and test environment.


Because virtualization enables the deployment of multiple virtual machines on a single physical server, the Dell IT group has realized impressive hardware cost savings. In addition, the rapid deployment of virtual machines has enabled test and development teams to begin coding far earlier in the cycle—ultimately speeding products to market.

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