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Isambard Community School

“We have to deploy applications across our network to a large number of desktops, and Dell KACE speeds this process up dramatically. By having this in place, we can save hours of time that can be spent on providing more value back to the school community instead.”

- Matt Garland, IT Network Manager, Isambard Community School


With its mixed environment, the amount of time needed to ensure that everything is kept up to date was hindering IT’s ability to support the school in more valuable ways. In addition, the school was looking to implement a service desk to make dealing with IT issues easier in general.


The school chose the Dell KACETM  K1000 Management and Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliances to simplify the school’s IT asset management and application deployment requirements. The Dell KACE solution also includes a service desk as part of the appliance, which delivers additional value.


  • £50,000 per year saved on service desk support and desktop management
  • Over £100,000 estimated total savings
  • Payback achieved within two months
  • Integrated service desk feature provides school with cost avoidance, no need to acquire additional solution
  • Ability to manage both Windows and Mac desktops from one appliance provides real benefit at lower cost
  • Application packaging completed faster and more reliably—tasks take minutes rather than hours
  • Service desk requests automatically routed through to IT team, saving time and making resolving issues more efficient
  • Ability to concentrate on higher value IT projects—the school has implemented server virtualization to save on server hardware costs in the longer term

Isambard Community School

Sede centrale: UK
Settore: Secondary Education
Sito Web: www.isambard.swindon.sch.uk

Approfondimenti: Isambard Community School ( 506KB)

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