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As customers consolidate servers, storage, and operations Datacenter require reliable power, cooling and ventilation. Dell takes a scientific, yet practical approach to help ensure that mission critical systems operate in a safe and efficient environment. Datacenter Environment services from Dell are designed to provide the following benefits:
  • Optimise the computing and storage capacity in your existing datacenter
  • Reduce the risk of hardware failure due to over-heating
  • Reduce energy expense through efficient ventilation
  • Consolidate and expand computing and data storage capacity without building new facilities to house new systems

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Tailored Services to Meet Your Needs

The Right Approach


Dell can conduct an assessment of the existing datacenter environment. This includes measurement of temperature, airflow, as well as power consumption, the modelling of future server power and cooling requirements. At the conclusion of an assessment, Dell experts will have identified options with recommendations to maximise value.


Dell can assist with the reconfiguration of the existing datacenter space, meeting requirements for new infrastructure. This includes planning for environment scalability as new servers and storage are added to the existing environment.


Dell can help move or reposition equipment in your datacenter and help you select a qualified construction company for building improvements and heavy HVAC equipment installation.


Take advantage of Dell’s Enterprise Support Services to support your new solution. Dell provides a suite of robust offerings, covering system support and maintenance.
For details go to Enterprise Support Services.

Tailored Services to Meet Your Needs

Datacenter Environment Assessment (DCEA)

A fixed price, fixed scope engagement, DCEA is designed to help you adopt rack dense solutions and maximise efficiencies by optimising the utilisation of an existing datacenter environment. Following the assessment, a summary analysis of the datacenter and recommendations for tile placement, rack row configurations, server and storage allocation among racks, cooling capacity and power allocation is provided.
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Datacenter Power and HVAC Design Services

Dell can design your new/enhanced datacenter to meet with current and future requirements. We will provide detailed specifications to be used for procurement of HVAC equipment and implementation services.

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