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Dell Virtualization Services can help you identify immediate results by designing and implementing practical, reliable and comprehensive solutions for your unique environment. Virtualization services from Dell provide the following benefits:
  • Provide a flexible, tested process to virtualization, matched to your current user needs and future demands.
  • Create operational advantage through increased provisioning agility and the ability to reach TCO savings of up to 25%.*
  • Trusted single point of contact for a complete virtualization solution.
  • Remove complexity from your server infrastructure by implementing tested and validated solutions featuring standards-base systems and best of breed technologies.

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Tailored Services to Meet Your Needs

The Right Approach to Virtualization

Dell'’s virtualization expertise and best practice provides outstanding quality and value - Dell’s service professionals can help you achieve the full benefits of virtualization technology with solutions that provide:
  • A standards-based virtualization strategy that can help lower costs and preserve choice and control.
  • A direct, uncomplicated approach that simplifies implementation, speeding time to productivity.
  • A solution designed to deliver leading performance, availability and overall value.


Dell technology workshops help customers understand the potential of virtualization technology. Workshops complement any phase of the solution life-cycle.

Dell experts can:
  • Show you how virtualization technology can meet your current and future requirements.
  • Ensure an in-depth, hands-on guided tour of the new technology and adaptation for your business growth.
And…a workshop can help you focus on your most critical needs, including:
  • Virtualization as a cornerstone of datacentre operations.
  • The consolidation of servers with physical to virtual migration.
  • Business Continuity.
  • The optimisation and upgrade of your current virtualised environment.


An assessment is designed to help you make informed decisions to maximise the benefits of virtualization in your environment. At the conclusion of an assessment, Dell experts will have identified the full solution scope and will provide recommendations for maximising value. An assessment includes the use of automated discovery tools as well as interviews with key personnel in your organisation to determine the full range of current and future systems requirements as well as a plan for server consolidation with Dell's expert recommendations.


Solution design provides a comprehensive and detailed virtualization architecture and implementation plan – based on our experience-driven best practices.


Dell experts can implement your complete virtualization solution - this includes hardware and software, so that you can you quickly capture the value of the solution. We also ensure system validation through pilot consolidation and data migration to the new system, prior to implementation into a production environment, performance monitoring and configuration tuning as needed. Dell can also provide knowledge transfer to ensure optimal ongoing administration of the virtualised environment.


Take advantage of Dell’s Enterprise Support Services to support your new solution: Dell provides a suite of robust offerings, covering system support and maintenance.
For details go to Enterprise Support Services.

Tailored Services to Meet Your Needs

Virtualization Readiness

Virtualization readiness provides an effective way to evaluate the impact a virtual infrastructure will have on your data centre – helping you pinpoint how your newly virtualised environment can improve server management, maximise uptime and accelerate deployment. Dell service professionals provide recommendations based on best practices and ROI analysis.

Design Services — Work with Dell's experienced consultants to architect a scalable and highly available virtualization solution. Our services professionals will create a detailed implementation plan with hardware and software specifications.

Implementation Services — Dell's services professionals will deploy new enterprise hardware into your environment, install and configure the required software as well as providing a handover to systems administrators for solution management.

Upgrade to VI 3.0

Dell's experts will help you upgrade your virtualization infrastructure from VMware's enterprise product versions 2.x to VI 3.x Upgrades may necessitate further server consolidation and virtualization of additional workloads as well as adopting advanced Configuration and Management techniques.

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