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Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization from Dell can help you identify immediate results by designing and implementing practical, reliable and comprehensive solutions for your environment. Dell’s virtualization expertise and best practice provide outstanding quality and value - Dell’s service professionals can help you achieve the full benefits of virtualization technology with solutions that provide the following benefits:

  • A flexible, tested process to virtualization, matched to your current user needs and future demands.
  • Operational advantage through increased provisioning agility.
  • Remove complexity from your server infrastructure by implementing tested and validated solutions featuring standards-base systems and best of breed technologies.
  • A standards-based virtualization strategy that can help lower costs and preserve choice and control.
  • A direct, uncomplicated approach that simplifies implementation, speeding time to productivity.
  • Solutions designed to deliver leading performance, availability and overall value.
We can engage with you in the following ways:

Workshops — Our workshop process can help you understand the potential of virtualization technology. A workshop complements any phase of the solution life-cycle. Dell experts can show you how virtualization technology can meet your current and future requirements.

Assessments — Our assessments are designed to help you make informed decisions to maximize the benefits of virtualization in your unique environment. After an assessment, Dell experts will have identified the full scope of solution options and will provide recommendations for maximizing value.

Design — Our design services lay the path for success by providing a comprehensive and detailed server consolidation architecture and implementation plan – based on our field experience. At the conclusion of the design engagement you will have a complete understanding of how the solution can be implemented successfully in your environment with minimal end-user disruption.

Implementation — Dell experts can implement your complete server consolidation solution – hardware and software – so that you can quickly capture the value of the solution.

A Single Point of Contact — Standardized methodology yet flexible, Dell has the expertise to meet your end-to-end server consolidation implementation requirements.

Support — Take advantage of Dell’s Support Services for lifecycle support. Dell provides a suite of robust offerings, covering system support and maintenance. For details go to Dell ProSupport.

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