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Image Management Services include comprehensive solutions for Image Development and Validation, Image Maintenance, Image Deployment and X-Image technology. They offer the following benefits:
  • Simplify deployment through image testing
  • Maintain your images for secure backup
  • Help lower cost of ownership through one-touch factory integration
  • Help ensure a consistent software build throughout your organization

How To Purchase Contact your Dell Sales Representative or call 1-800-WWW-DELL

The Right Approach to Image Management

Dell Imaging Services provide a fully functional image ready for system deployment, built by Dell imaging consultants according to your specifications. Our consultants are skilled at scripting and providing cross-platform imaging using Microsoft® Sysprep.

Years of experience constructing images for varied customer needs has lead to a standardized process and best practices for imaging. This helps ensure the image is right the first time, to help you get a fully functional image ready for system deployment.

  • Standard package provides hardware-dependent, platform specific image development.
  • Standard package includes development of a new image or migration of an existing image to a new operating system.
  • Dell Image Development Services (IDS) engineer works on-site according to pre-defined image specification agreed to by you and Dell.
  • Dell can maintain your image for industry changes such as driver updates.

Securely create, load and manage custom images onto the Dell client systems you purchase. We have fully integrated ImageDirect into our production systems so that the images you create can be seamlessly applied to your systems during the manufacturing process. Additionally, by allowing you to focus on the management of a single image that works across multiple platforms and departments and by substantially automating much of this work, ImageDirect can streamline image management and enable more robust client images.

Using icon-driven functionality, the Dell ImageDirect service prompts you to import, create and manage images; upload and manage components; and download images and drivers. Depending on your needs, you can import and/or build images to your specifications. Additionally, images can be downloaded for validation in your environment. This helps to ensure a consistent software build throughout your organization and helps you meet any licensing and compliance requirements. For more detailed information, please click here

ImageDirect Video

Optional Features

Using our X-Image technology, Dell creates a single image to function on all of Dell’s systems to greatly simplify your helpdesk operation. A single X-Image image can be used to rebuild any Dell computer in your environment. Dell can also work with you to help build an X-Image that works across computers from multiple manufacturers.

Customized Services
Customer-driven updates may be purchased at a rate of up to four per year.

The challenges of multiple images

The number of images that your IT environment requires has a big impact on the time and costs you must invest to manage it.

Creating a custom image for every Dell OptiPlex, Latitude and Precision client in that environment would require a full team of people to manage the process. Through X-Image, Dell frees your IT team to work on other business at hand.


A Dell X-Image allows us to build one hardware independent image across all new and legacy OptiPlexTM , LatitudeTM  and Dell PrecisionTM  systems as well as allowing interoperation with legacy systems from other vendors. We can also maintain the image and deploy it on your new Dell systems. This makes life much easier, because the number of client platforms your end-users work on is no longer a factor. The result is simple: you have fewer images to create and manage.

As illustrated in the diagram below, the number of images that you have to manage can multiply very quickly. By creating a single X-Image that works on all your client systems (desktops, notebooks or workstations) you can dramatically reduce the number of images you have to support. On-going support costs will also be substantially reduced

By consolidating the total number of images, X-Image reduces the time and costs needed to manage, launch or change them. Less time and money on image management means more resources for other IT issues. Other benefits include:

Typical Business Challenge

  • Reduction in potential errors: Since an X-Image works on multiple platforms, it eliminates the possibility of loading an incorrect image for the hardware.
  • Speed: X-image shortens the transition time to new models. Adding drivers and validating is all that is required, eliminating redundant image development, maintenance, storage and cost.
  • Accountability and control: Dell applies proven processes and has developed thousands of images to support image creation and management. No matter how much your environment grows or changes, X-Image is flexible, scalable and compatible – and you have a single point of accountability from beginning to end
  • Newly introduced systems must first be qualified with updated X-Image software that supports the new model, typically within 4 weeks of introduction.
For more detailed information, please click here

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