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Dell - Installation De Desktop/Laptop

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Expert installation is the key to jump-starting your return on investment. Dell Desktop/Laptop Installation gets you up and running fast and offers the following benefits:
  • Comprehensive approach to installation
  • Streamlines deployments for effective installation
  • Global deployment capabilities

How To Purchase Available through your Dell Sales Representative when you purchase a new Dell desktop, laptop or workstation.

The Right Approach to Desktop/Laptop Installation

Expert installation is the key to jump-starting your return on investment. Dell certified technicians apply expert knowledge and proven methodologies to help minimize installation time and get your systems up and running quickly. We even handle de-install of old computers, transfer of critical data, and make sure peripherals are installed right the first time.

Choose from two standard desktop and laptop installation packages.

PC Install Service* — Includes an external quality inspection, new system installation, as well as external peripheral (including a local printer), network printer connection (for an existing printer) and de-install your old system.

PC Install + Data Transfer* — Along with providing basic PC install features, as described above, this service includes the migration of up to 1GB of data.

Or if these options do not match your requirements, we can design custom installation services for an exact fit. Either way, Dell will manage every step of the process giving you a single point-of-contact and the assurance of a high quality installation.

View the Desktop and Laptop Installation Service Descriptions.

Optional Features

Dell Wireless Router Installation Service
Turn to Dell to help you get a wireless network up and running in your home or office. Dell Wireless Router Installation Service is the no-hassle way to get a wireless network up and running in your office. *

Our technician can set up a wireless network that's encrypted to help control who has access to your network. Once completed, the network can enable you to connect to the Internet without wires, share a high speed Internet connection and print to one printer from all your PCs. You can also be able to work at a desk, a conference room or in a hallway with no wires and no cabling costs.

This service includes:
  • Install and configure one Wireless Router from Dell, NetGear® , Linksys® or D-link®
  • Install wireless cards and configure wireless PCs (quantity limits apply)
  • Configure Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption or Wireless Protected Access (WPA) encryption and demonstrate how to change the key
  • Confirm shared Internet access on wireless PCs, provided a broadband Ethernet connection is available
  • Enable file and printer sharing between two PCs and demonstrate how to share between additional PCs
  • Provide a brief wireless hardware orientation

Other options include:
  • Data and personality transfer
  • Monitor and peripheral install
  • Application loading
  • On-site image load
  • De-install existing system
  • On-site hard drive wipe or removal
  • Execute custom configuration scripts
  • Map network printers and drives
  • Cascade legacy systems to other users
  • On-site asset tagging
  • Post-install support and training
  • After hours or weekend and holiday installation


Spec Sheet — Installation Services
Spec Sheet — PC Installation and Internet Setup
Spec Sheet — PC Installation, Internet Setup and Data Migration
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