Dell - Client Migration and Deployment

Dell - Client Migration and Deployment

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Dell Client Migration and Deployment Services are designed to save cost and deployment time, mitigate risk, and reduce network traffic to ensure a successful migration. This service offers the following benefits:

  • Reduce Costs: Reduce overall project costs by up to 62%*.
  • Reduce Disruption: Reduces user downtime, minimises impact to support organisations; and minimises network and server congestion.
  • Reduce Risk: Avoids manual steps and decision points.
  • Improves availability, security and compliance.

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Tailored Services to Meet Your Needs


The Right Approach to Client Migration and Deployment

Client Migration and Deployment Spec Sheet


Strategic guidance to make informed decisions about the scope of your deployment requirements and the benefits of an optimised approach.

Client Deployment Assessment
  • Assessment of a customer’s environment, including recommendations to improve efficiency, reduce complexity and maximise the return on IT investment.
  • Return On Investment (ROI) based business case for improving quality and lowering costs for PC deployment.
  • Client Deployment Assessment Datasheet
Application Compatibility Reporting
  • Assessment of customer application portfolio with impact consideration, compatibility and gaps when migrating to new operating system.
  • Report analysis of portfolio compatibility including detailed issue identification for each application.
Windows Vista Readiness Assessment
  • Detailed analysis of the customer’s readiness to move to Windows Vista.
  • Designed to identify application compatibility, hardware compatibility, preparedness to migrate and provide recommendations to ensure a smooth transition.


Preparation of detailed plans for optimised deployment of customised hardware including ongoing management and support, to help ensure achievement of business objectives.

Image Build
  • Consulting engagement designed to assist in everything from image creation to factory integration.
Application Migration
  • A suite of offerings designed to streamline migration and ensure compatibility with operating systems and other applications.
Deployment Design
  • Set up and design of automated deployment centered on customer business needs.
  • Design of optimised and scalable deployment process that is repeatable.
IT Training
  • Trains IT staff to prepare the organisation for new technology, new deployment and management model.


A managed deployment, delivered on time and within budget, ensuring mitigation of risk and achievement of business objectives as well as an enhanced user experience.

End-User Training
  • Train end users to prepare them for migration process and to use the new technology upon receipt.
Custom Factory Integration
PC Refresh or In-place Migration
  • Hardware installation and packaging removal.
  • End user specific automated image and applications configuration, data and settings migration.
Asset Recovery
  • Environmentally responsible way to recycle, resell, or dispose of used PC components and which helps comply with local regulatory guidelines.
  • Service includes overwriting readable hard drives, shredding inoperable disks*, equipment disposal, logistics management, and documentation.
  • Asset Recovery and Recycling Services Brochure
  • On-site support staff for day-after migration support.
Program and Project Management
  • End-to-end management by an experienced Dell Project Manager from Assessment all the way to Management.
  • Detailed planning, scheduling, Service Level Agreement (SLA) management and project communications.
  • End User Satisfaction Measurement and Reporting , and Continuous Improvement.


Lifecycle management of services based on industry best practice, delivering a stable and responsive service that accurately addresses business needs, with a focus on continuous improvement.

Application Management
  • Ongoing application packaging including Quality Assurance (QA), conflict management and optional UAT testing co-ordination.
  • Ongoing compatibility assurance with operating system to which the customer plans to migrate.
  • Packaging for chosen new application distribution technologies (such as application virtualization and streaming).
Image Management
Ongoing Technology Refresh
  • Ongoing refresh of customer desktop and notebook systems using Dell optimised products, services and support.
Ongoing End-User Training
  • Post migration technology training for new users.

Reduce Deployment Costs by up to 62%

"The research shows that companies that optimise their deployment practices enjoy significantly lower costs to deploy PCs, as much as 62% less (over $400 per PC) compared with companies with basic deployment practices." - IDC Opinion, Dell PC Deployment Optimization Model Whitepaper*

Dell Services

Migrate on time, on budget, and unharmed

Client Migration and Deployment is a holistic migration solution mapped to your business requirements and underpinned by best practice program and project management.
  • Deployment paradigm change  from labor intensive implementation to a robust upfront planning and highly automated model.
  • Dell patented technologies leverage industry standards  to increase automation which dramatically reduces the desk-side labor and logistics involved in pc deployment.
  • Scalable and simplified image management  by moving to a consolidated, factory installed, imaging service.
  • Increased end user productivity and satisfaction  as applications are rationalized and packaged in a way that can ensure compatibility with customer Operating System.
  • Simplified procurement and logistics  as any PC can be delivered to any user and then automatically configured for specific requirements.
  • Visibility and velocity of problem resolution  through centralized monitoring & incident provided by Dell operations & project managers.