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Dell Learning Center

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Dell Learning Center

Dell Learning Center

Welcome to the Dell Learning Center, where you can browse quick overviews and gain insights into Dell service offerings, including videos, demonstrations, case studies, white papers and more. Find out what our services do, what makes them different, and how they have helped others like you.

Featured Dell Global Services

Infrastructure Consulting Services
Clear insight into what is driving your IT complexity, and practical, executable plans to address it. Using innovative tools, automated analysis and our own intellectual property, we can show you why consulting should not need armies of people.

IT Simplification Consulting
Understand the full breadth of the opportunities to simplify running your increasingly complex IT environment, and get help developing plans to address them.
IT Simplification Consulting video

Virtualization Consulting
Consolidate your sprawling servers using virtualization. Expand your IT capacity without building new facilities. Reduce the risk, cost and space required by your business while increasing reliability and optimizing energy usage and airflow.
Virtualization Consulting video

Storage Consulting
Address the complexities of Data Management by streamlining the way that your data is stored, protected and managed. Take advantage of advanced thinking and techniques.
Storage Consulting video
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Deployment Services
Services mapped to your business requirements and underpinned by Dell best practice program and project management provide exceptionally efficient system deployments and transitions. Save cost and deployment time, mitigate risk, and reduce network traffic.

Image Management
Manage your images based on industry best practice. Streamline, simplify and accelerate deployments and transitions using Dell’s factory enabled services.
Image Management video

Client Migration Solution
Dell’s automated end-to-end process works to maximize the available efficiencies. We can reduce up to 88% of the desk-side technician time and can eliminate the network bandwidth required for deployment by an estimated 70% .
Client Migration Solution video
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Managed Services
Configurable Services that combine our proven execution methods and innovative delivery capabilities to solve key IT operational challenges. You decide exactly how and where you want to apply our best practices. Dell can help you break through complexity with services and solutions tailored to your needs.

Dell Desktop Manager
Manage thousands of desktops from a central location and reduce your user and support costs by as much as 42%.
Dell Desktop Manager video

Dell Software Inventory & Usage Management
Automate asset discovery, monitor software usage, and eliminate unused applications, all while simplifying license compliance and lowering support and maintenance costs
Software Inventory & Usage Management video

Dell Email Management Services
Eliminate email downtime no matter what happens to local facilities, staff or infrastructure. Comprehensive email archiving with powerful e-Discovery and end-user search capabilities frees you from email management concerns.
Email Management Services video

Dell Crisis Management & Alerting Services
Reach tens of thousands of employees quickly, poll status and provide web tools to manage your business through an unforeseen crisis.
Crisis Management Alerting Service video

Dell Online Backup & Restore
Protect your valuable and sensitive data in the event of loss, theft or failed hard drive and help you to recover, delete or destroy your important data.
Online Backup & Restore video

Dell Laptop Data Encryption
Protect critical or sensitive data even if a laptop is lost or stolen. Intelligent data encryption permits yet another level of security.
Laptop Data Encryption video

Dell Managed Desktop Solution
Manage your desktop infrastructure anytime, anywhere – remotely and proactively. The Dell Managed Desktop Solution lets you quickly and flexibly configure support services to fit your business needs.
Managed Desktop Solution video

Managed Services for Small Business
Gain control over your IT infrastructure with a dynamic combination of pre-defined service levels, optional add-on services, remote monitoring and help desk support.
Managed Services small business video
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Why put up with IT support that’s “one size fits all”? The world’s first fully configurable support offering, Dell ProSupport, is a flexible set of services that can be designed to fit the unique technology challenges you face today.

ProSupport Mobility Solution
Protect your data and assets while your mobile workforce is on the road, with services that include laptop tracking, remote data deletion, online backup, and accidental damage protection.
ProSupport Mobility video
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Basé sur une étude interne des délais de résolution pour les problèmes de gravité 1 pour les clients Dell effectuant une mise à niveau en acquérant le support Platinum Plus aux entreprises. Certaines caractéristiques de Platinum Plus sont désormais disponibles dans l'option de support Dell ProSupport à caractère critique. Ces caractéristiques comprennent les procédures en situation critique pour les problèmes de gravité 1, les interventions en urgence, la reproduction de problème en laboratoire de simulation, ainsi que l'intervention sur site dans les 2 ou 4 heures. Août 2007.

Basé sur une étude interne de Dell concernant les clients effectuant une mise à niveau en acquérant le support Platinum Plus aux entreprises. Août 2007.

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