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Dell Services
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Dell Services
Take the free online IT Simplification Self Assessment
Dell ProSupport solutions can reduce technical incidents by as much as 37%*.
Remove complexity from your server infrastructure with Virtualization Services
Dell’s Deployment Services can reduce deployment cost by 62%*
Learn more about Dell’s ImageDirect and help simplify your Image Management process
Get ahead on your Vista Migration and help simplify the organizational impact


Dell Services
96% of Fortune 500 companies do business with Dell. Learn why companies are choosing Dell to help them Simplify IT


Dell Services
TechCenter – collaborate with others on our technical wiki
IdeaStorm – Post and vote on ideas about IT Simplification
StudioDell – Learn about new technology.Watch. Download. Share.
*IDC White Paper sponsored by Dell, "Dell Deployment Optimization Model," Doc #205282, January 2007

**Based on an internal study of Severity 1 resolution time for Dell customers upgrading to Platinum Plus Enterprise Support. Select features of Platinum Plus are now available in the Dell ProSupport Enterprise-Wide Contract, which can lead to fewer technical incidents. These features include designated Service Delivery Managers, proactive planning and detailed reporting. August 2007