Service Descriptions

Service Descriptions

Service Descriptions

The following documents will supplement the terms and conditions of Dell's standard invoice Terms and conditions of sale.

Customer Master Service Agreement

Dell EqualLogic Service Partnership Agreement

Dell|KACE K2 Consulting service ”lite”
KACE 2000 series implement consulting service (2 days onsite)

Dell|KACE K1 Consulting service “lite”
KACE 1000 series implement consulting service (3 days onsite)

Dell|KACE K1 K2 Implementation consulting service
KACE 1000 and 2000 series implement consulting service (5 days onsite or remote)

IT Consulting and Professional Services
DVS Wyse WDM FiveDay Implementation ServiceDescription
DVS Wyse WDM ThreeDay Implementation ServiceDescription
DVS Wyse WSM FiveDay Implementation ServiceDescription
DVS Wyse WSM ThreeDay Implementation ServiceDescription
خدمات الاستشارية السريعة (Agile Consulting Services)

Deployment Services - Enterprise Configuration & Deployment
Remote Implementation of a Dell DL1000 Backup & Recovery Appliance
Remote Implementation or Replication of Dell EqualLogic FS7xxx
Remote Implementation of a Dell PowerEdge VRTX (Remote Implementation of a Dell PowerEdge VRTX)
خدمة الاستشارة عن بُعد (Remote Consulting Services)
التطبيق عن بُعد لـ Dell Desktop Virtualization Solution Simplified (Remote Implementation of Dell Desktop Virtualization Solution Simplified)
Enterprise Deployment and Implementation of a Converged Server Platform
تركيب وتشغيل جهاز توزيع الشبكة المقدم من Dell (Installation and Implementation of a Dell Network Switch)
خدمات التكوين من Dell (Dell Configuration Services)

Support Services
(Dell ProSupport for Software) ProSupportمن شركة Dell للبرامج
On-site Diagnostics Service
Dell Compellent Copilot Optimize Service Description
الخدمات التجارية الأجهزة الأساسية (Commercial Basic Hardware Services)
Dell ProSupport for Multivendor Software
التطبيق عن بعد لخدمة Dell PowerEdge VRTX (Proactive Maintenance)
خارج الضمان للبطاريات المختومة (BRS) خدمة استبدال البطارية (Out-of-Warranty Battery Replacement Service(BRS) for Sealed Batteries)
Dell ProSupport
ProSupport For Your Enterprise
Basic Commercial Hardware Service Description

IT Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – Service Description
IT Management SaaS Service Description (to be used in conjunction with Dell Terms of Sale or other master agreement(s))

IT Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – Specifications Sheets
Distributed Device Management - Anti-Malware & Virus Management
Distributed Device Management - Asset Management
Software Asset Management
Distributed Device Management - Laptop Data Encryption
Distributed Device Management - Online Backup & Restore
Distributed Device Management - Patch Management
Distributed Device Management - Software Distribution
Distributed Device Management - Software Inventory & Usage Management
EMS Email Continuity
EMS Email Enterprise Archive
EMS Email Rapid Archive
EMS Email Security
Remote Infrastructure Monitoring

Installation Services
Managed Deloyment Bundle
Basic System Setup and Network Printer Installation
PC Installation + Internet Connection
PC Installation + Data Transfer
Peripheral Installation

Asset Recovery Services
Dell Asset Recovery Services

Asset Protection Options
Extended Battery Service
Battery Replacement Service

Data Protection Options
Keep Your Hard Drive

Remote Configuration of a Dell KACE K1000, Service Desk
Remote Implementation of a Dell KACE Appliance

Logistics Services
اللوجستية Dell خدمات (Dell Logistics Services)