Support Services

Support Services

Service Descriptions

The services set forth in the following Service Descriptions are provided pursuant to the terms and conditions of the applicable master agreement(s) below:

Commercial Terms of Sale

This agreement applies to direct commercial purchasers (including Small, Medium and Large Business and Government and Public sector customers) of Dell hardware, software and services.

Customer Master Services Agreement (for purchases prior to 5th December 2011).

Unless otherwise agreed to by Dell in writing, as of 5th December 2011 all purchases of Dell hardware, software and services by commercial customers are pursuant to Dell's Commercial Terms of Sale ("CTS"). The CTS replaces the Dell Customer Master Services Agreement ("CMSA") in its entirety. Any and all references to the CMSA, including, but not limited to those contained in the Service Descriptions below, statements of work, invoices, order acknowledgements, websites related to Dell services, acknowledgements presented during installation of Dell software, or upon logging-on to a Dell services web portal, are replaced with a reference to the CTS. The CMSA remains available for review solely for the convenience of customers who purchased Dell services prior to 5th December 2011.

Reseller Terms of Sale

This agreement applies to resellers, service providers and PartnerDirect registered or certified partners.

Dell|KACE K2 Consulting service ”lite”
KACE 2000 series implement consulting service (2 days onsite)

Dell|KACE K1 Consulting service “lite”
KACE 1000 series implement consulting service (3 days onsite)

Dell|KACE K1 K2 Implementation consulting service
KACE 1000 and 2000 series implement consulting service (5 days onsite or remote)

Dell|KACE K2 Optimized Deployment consulting service
KACE 2000 series Optimized Deployment consulting service (10 days onsite)

IT Consulting and Professional Services
DVS Wyse WDM FiveDay Implementation ServiceDescription
DVS Wyse WDM ThreeDay Implementation ServiceDescription
DVS Wyse WSM FiveDay Implementation ServiceDescription
DVS Wyse WSM ThreeDay Implementation ServiceDescription
Dell Agile Consulting Services
Archiving Accelerator Service Description
Data Protection Accelerator Service Description
Storage Accelerator Service Description

Dell Cloud Services
Dell Cloud on Demand

Deployment Services - Enterprise Configuration & Deployment
Hardware Upgrade of a Dell Storage Controller
Remote Implementation of a Dell PowerEdge VRTX (Remote Implementation of a Dell PowerEdge VRTX)

Support Services
Single Incident Expired Warranty Support
Basic Hardware Service
Dell ProSupport
Out-of-Warranty Battery Replacement Service(BRS) for Sealed Batteries)
Dell ProSupport Force10 Service
Dell ProSupport for Multivendor Software
Axim Exchange Warranty
Business Support
European Collect and Return
International Next Business Day On-Site
LCD TV Exchange Warranty
Next Business Day On-Site
On-site Diagnosis
Enterprise Support: Gold for PowerEdge and PowerVault
Enterprise Support: Gold for EMC Storage Products
NBD Printer Warranty
Printer Exchange Warranty
Projector Exchange Warranty
Proactive Maintenance
Software & Peripherals Support
Dell|EqualLogic Warranty
Dell Proactive Systems Management - Remote Installation Service
Dell ProSupport Service Description
Dell Partner Support for Cloud Services
Dell ProSupport Point of Need Service

Deployment Services - End User Configuration & Deployment
Dell Configuration Services

Education Services
Dell Education Services

Asset Protection Options
Extended Battery Service
Battery Replacement Service (BRS)
Accidental Damage Protection

Data Protection Options
Dell ProSupport Certified Data Destruction
Dell ProSupport Hard Drive Data Recovery
Keep Your Hard Drive
Keep Your Hard Drive Point of Need (PON)

Modular Services
Dell Modular Services

Installation Services
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IT Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – Service Description
IT Management SaaS Service Description (to be used in conjunction with Dell Terms of Sale or other master agreement(s))

Dell has closed our DDM, RIM and eSmart SaaS solutions to new customers as of February 13th, 2012. This specification sheet is posted at the link below for the convenience of customers who purchased this service from Dell prior to February 13, 2012.”

Deployment Services - Asset Resale & Recyling
IT Asset Recycling
IT Asset Resale with Offsite Data Wipe
IT Asset Donation EMEA

IT Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – Specifications Sheets
EMS Email Continuity
EMS Email Enterprise Archive
EMS Email Rapid Archive
EMS Email Security

Asset Recovery Services
ARS - IT Asset Resale with Onsite Data Wipe - English

Modular Services
Dell Modular Services

Deployment Services
Configuration Services Service Description
Remote Implementation of Dell Desktop Virtualization Solution Simplified
Remote Implementation or Replication of Dell EqualLogic FS7xxx

Logistics Services
Logistics Services

Software support
ProSupport for Software
ProSupport for Virtual Integrated System Self Service Creator
ProSupport for Advanced Infrastructure Manager
Dell ProSupport for Software

Contracts No Longer Available for Purchase
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Managed Network Services
Advanced Network Monitoring
Basic Network Management
Advanced Network Management

Servers Links
Installation of Dell PowerEdge C-Series Servers

Installation and Deployment Services
Implementation of a Microsoft Cluster

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