Service Descriptions

Service Descriptions

Описания услуг

The following documents will supplement the terms and conditions of Dell's standard invoice Terms and conditions of sale.

Customer Master Service Agreement

International Next Business Day On-Site
CompleteCare Accidental Damage Warranty
CompleteCare Multi/Theft
At Home Service
XPS NBD Warranty
NBD Printer Warranty
Projector Exchange Warranty
Axim Exchange Warranty
Hard Drive Warranty

IT Consulting and Professional Services
DVS Wyse WDM FiveDay Implementation ServiceDescription
DVS Wyse WDM ThreeDay Implementation ServiceDescription
DVS Wyse WSM FiveDay Implementation ServiceDescription
DVS Wyse WSM ThreeDay Implementation ServiceDescription

Installation Services
Home PC Installation Service
PC Installation + Internet Connection
Home Peripheral Installation
Home WireLess PC Installation
Optional Peripherals Installation
Optional Data Transfer

Recovery Services
Dell Recycling Services

Deployment Services - Enterprise Configuration & Deployment
Услуга удаленного консультирования (Remote Consulting Services)

Asset Protection Options

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