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High Availability Solution

High Performance Computing Clusters

Accelerating research with the power of departmental High Performance Clusters

Until now many research organisations have been deterred from deploying High Performance Clusters (HPC) at a workgroup level by the perceived complexity and cost of acquiring, deploying and managing them. Now Dell has combined its knowledge and experience in supercomputing (having built no less than ten of the world's fastest supercomputers) to provide a range of HPC solutions specifically designed to be affordable at workgroup or departmental level.

We have achieved this by simplifying the process of scoping, acquiring, implementing and maintaining every component of the HPC deployment from a single accountable source - thereby enabling you to acquire the maximum possible computing power for the budget available.

Using proven methodologies Dell's expert consultants have defined pre-configured 8, 16 and 32-node packages, all of which have been thoroughly tested and validated by Dell's Solutions Engineering team. You therefore have the reassurance that each package will deliver defined levels of performance and reliability, while providing you with the flexibility to add or subtract nodes as required.

Dell's HPC solutions are based on tightly integrated solution stacks, configured and tested for both Linux and Microsoft Windows environments. Dell PowerEdgeT servers, powered by Intel, form the backbone of these solutions, being used for both the head and compute nodes and delivering exceptional levels of performance, availability and manageability in a range of form factors.

Dell also offers comprehensive HPC implementation services, for both pre-configured solutions and customised deployments, ranging from full solution project management to product orientation for users, while the Dell ProSupport service provides the efficiency and convenience of a single source for all hardware and operating system support.

So when your computing challenges demand an increase in computing power at departmental level you'll find Dell HPC solutions are the simple and affordable answer.
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