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Linux Clusters

Performance and scalability for the most demanding applications

At the core of Dell's HPCC solution is a modular HPCC infrastructure stack built from industry-standard hardware components and best-of-breed partners products. The resulting solution delivers performance and scalability required by the most demanding applications at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems.

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PowerEdge based on dual-core Intel®  Xeon® 

PowerEdge based on AMD OpteronTM 
  • The is built specifically to operate as compute nodes for large volume distributed clusters. Featuring next generation AMD OpteronTM  dual-core processors, this rack-dense, 1U server provides cost-effective performance and designed for low power consumption.
  • The four-socket server is the ideal platform for functioning as the master node for demanding HPCC applications. The PowerEdge 6950 server leverages the latest high performance technologies including next generation AMD Opteron 8200 series dual-core processors and power efficient DDR2 memory. Engineered to keep critical enterprise applications running, the PowerEdge offers availability and reliability necessary in an HPCC master node. Optional SAS and fibre channel storage systems are certified with this system.

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Dell HPC Cluster Solutions include SCSI, SAS and Fibre Channel options for attaching Dell PowerVault, Dell/EMC or DataDirect Network storage in a variety of customisable, industry-leading storage platforms including:
  • Dell/EMC CX Series SANs offer high availability architecture and modular design to deliver outstanding scalability of performance and functionality, with proven data availability and protection.
  • Dell PowerVaultTM  MD1000 is a modular disk storage expansion enclosure capable of housing up to fifteen 3.5-inch disk drives in a single 3U rackable chassis. This direct attached storage enclosure supports Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), the latest advancement in proven SCSI disk drive technology that delivers high performance and excellent reliability.
  • DataDirect Network storage offers outstanding performance and capacity scalability. While not validated as part of a pre-configured solution stack, Dell resells the DDN storage products that are successfully deployed in many Dell HPCC clusters.

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Dell integrates a breadth of interconnect options to facilitate node-to-node communication, data sharing and synchronization for a broad range of applications. Dell offers a variety of interconnect options to provide flexibility in balancing price, latency and bandwidth requirements, including:

     - Gigabit Ethernet by Dell
     - Gigabit Ethernet by Extreme Networks
     - Infiniband by Cisco® 
     - MyrinetTM  by Myricom® 

Operating Systems
  • Red Hat®  Enterprise Linux operating system offers high-performance, scalability, and ease of use in Dell HPC clusters. Dell's HPCC offering incorporates Red Hat Enterprise Linux Enterprise Edition AS for the master node and Edition WS for the compute nodes.

Middleware and Development Tools
Dell offers flexibility with the choice of standards-based Message Passing Libraries, including MPICH, MPICH-GM, and MVAPICH, supporting available interconnect options. Dell offers a comprehensive development toolkit including Intel compilers and math libraries, system tools and development tools.

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Cluster and Resource Management
For deploying and managing HPC clusters, Dell has partnered with Platform Computing to offer a comprehensive cluster computing package - Platform Open Cluster Stack (OCS) - to ease cluster deployment, management and operation of Dell HPCC clusters. Platform OCS is a hybrid software stack featuring a blend of market-leading open source software technologies and proprietary products. The result is a simple and easy-to-use toolkit enabling rapid assembly and management of small to large Linux-based computing infrastructures.

Platform OCS HPCC bundled solution consists of an easy-to-use remote deployment mechanism, an entry-level workload manager (Platform Lava), compliers, math libraries, message-passing middleware, and performance monitors such as Clumon and Ganglia. Platform OCS is based on Open Source thus there is no license fee.

Dell also offers Platform LSF HPC (workload manager) where node count or job scheduling complexity requires more robust and scalable workload management capabilities.

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Dell also partners with Clustercorp to offer Rocks+ , which is a complete HPC Cluster software stack, including everything from the operating system to a modular applications level environment - all of which is available as a single DVD or a set of easily downloadable ISOs. Rocks+Rolls includes intelligently designed software stacks that operate as plug-and-play, modular components for Rocks+ that can be added to a cluster by simply selecting a check-box at install time or using a simple command-line process post-install. Rocks+Moab adds the Moab Roll, which bolsters Rocks+ with an easy to use GUI, a commercial workload and resource manager, and great price-performance value.

Additional material on Intel Cluster Ready and Dell Rocks+ solutions can be found here:


This product includes software developed by the Rocks Cluster Group at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at the University of California, San Diego and its contributors.

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Cluster File System
IBRIX®  FusionTM  is a fully integrated enterprise-class parallel file system for use within Dell HPC Clusters. The Fusion suite comprises a highly scalable POSIX-compliant parallel file system, logical volume manager, and high-availability features. IBRIX Fusion allows simultaneous, high-throughput access to files from multiple nodes via a unique segmented architecture that presents a single-image file system across storage pools in excess of petabytes in size.

For additional information, please contact us at: 1-800-274-3355 or hpc_sales@dell.com or contact your Dell account representative.