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Virtualization Solution
What if you could free up vital server space, allowing you to prioritise business needs and maximise server capacity? That and more, is all possible with the virtualization solution offered by Dell.
Database Solutions
Database Solutions
Your business database is the backbone of your operation. Without a reliable and scalable database platform your enterprise may not be prepared for the spikes in demand future business may require. Dell's Database Solution can help your business increase performance and exceed customer expectations.
Collaboration, Search and Content Management
Collaboration, Search and Content Management
As the amount of information and number of documents in your organization continue to grow exponentially it can be difficult to manage or find the information you need. Dell SharePoint solutions give companies a strategy and infrastructure that connects people and information to get the job done.
SharePoint Consulting Services
SharePoint Infrastructure
Messaging Solution
Dell understands every business has different messaging requirements. We can custom build a complete Exchange Server Solution around your organisation's unique requirements, providing security, mobility, manageability with regulatory compliance.
Exchange Server 2003 Solutions
High Availability Solution
High Performance Computing
High performance computing (HPC) clusters allow businesses to solve some of the most challenging computational intensive tasks. If your enterprise is in the market for state-of-the-art, industry-standard servers, high speed interconnects and leading open source and commercial software, visit Dell's HPC Solution Center.
HPC Cluster Solutions

The Scalable Enterprise

Scalable Enterprise Button

Dell's vision for the datacenter of the future is the Scalable Enterprise: A modular, building-block approach that is 100% standards-based, flexible and pragmatic. The Scalable Enterprise enables IT managers to quickly, automatically, and effectively allocate IT assets to accommodate changes in their business.

Learn more about Dell's Scalable Enterprise Strategy

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In Dell Solutions we explore current IT topics and present concrete solutions from our broad portfolio of products, partnerships and services ,meeting your business requirements.

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