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OpenManage Overview

Open, Flexible, and Integrated Solutions Reduce IT Complexity

Today’s CIOs are under constant pressure to drive business forward, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs but find that the amount of money spent on new systems to power these initiatives is dwarfed by the rising cost of maintaining them. Nowhere is this more evident than with infrastructure management tools, where complexity is driving high cost of services attach, deployment, integration, and sustainment.

At Dell, we’re focused on delivering open, flexible, and integrated solutions that reduce the complexity in the systems management space.


Dell believes in supporting our customer’s investments. Our Independent Software Vendor (ISV)Partner Program is one example. This program allows leading management solutions to integrate Dell platform management into their tools, and our customers can have the confidence that this functionality is validated and certified by our engineers.

We are committed to the use of industry standards in the design and development of our own management software, as well as provide open tools and integration points to allow communications to complementary solutions.


Our customers have told us they are overwhelmed with the amount of data they get from the myriad of consoles that are supposed to make system management easier. At Dell, we’ve taken a different approach. Dell Management Console is built on an extensible framework which allows our customers to add more advanced functionality into a single console that provides basic hardware management. So customers have the power to enable just the features and information they need.

Integrated Solutions Reduce IT Complexity

Dell designs our hardware to be inherently manageable. With the release of our next generation PowerEdge servers, we’ve taken that to the next level. Our new Embedded Management functionality streamlines common maintenance processes, like systems deployment and update, by embedding the management and enablement tools directly onto the hardware.

Dell OpenManage. Systems Management at the Speed of your Business.

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Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Program


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