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Dell Exchange Server 2007 Solutions

Maximize your messaging with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Does your business depend on robust messaging capabilities? Exchange 2007 is the right tool for the job and Dell is the right partner to deliver a complete user to datacenter solution. Making it really work for your enterprise as simply, efficiently and quickly as possible is what Dell delivers.

Move ahead with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

New features of Dell’s Exchange Server 2007 Solutions include:
  • 64-bit architecture for improved performance and capacity
  • Additional built-in protection
  • Access anywhere with universal inbox and web-based messaging to deliver information at work, home or on the go
  • Flexible deployment options for improved performance and scalability
  • Dell Exchange 2007 Advisor Tool based on the latest reference architecture
  • Enterprise Technology Center

Solutions for today’s business

Increase Productivity — With larger inbox capacities and ability to handle more users, Exchange Server 2007 on Dell PowerEdge servers frees IT resources.

Secure the enterprise — With built-in anti-virus and anti-spam protection, automatic encryption support, and simplified compliance, Dell protects your enterprise.

Extend communications — Unified messaging, shared documents, email and calendars are all available with rich, easy access – at work, home or on the go with mobile devices.

Expertise you can trust

Dell’s experience migrating millions of Exchange mailboxes gives your business seamless, customized deployments backed by world-class training, service and support. Our worldwide services network encompasses 52,000 technologists in 180 countries who have helped with the migrations of over 4 million Exchange and Active Directory ® users. Our focus on IT infrastructure has earned Dell Services a #1 ranking among hardware vendors in overall service and support satisfaction for 21 of 22 quarters for which TBR has conducted the study*.

Standardized, affordable technology

Dell’s value-priced, standardized technology is designed to create customized solutions that fit into your current enterprise environment and scale as you grow, without being locked into a proprietary solution. Utilizing our Exchange Advisor tool, validated reference architecture and interoperability testing, Dell understands your unique Exchange environment and simplifies the migration process

Move ahead with your messaging environment. Call 1-866-213-5042 to contact your Dell Account Representative.*

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