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Dell Solutions - Business Continuity

Can you afford downtime?

Do you have the people, processes and technology in place to keep your organization running through routine maintenance as well as unexpected events? Events as simple as system upgrades, as complex as relocating business units, or as unexpected as power outage in your data centre.

Dell can assist your organization throughout the process of assessment, design, implementation, and testing of a sound Business Continuity plan. We can help you build a technology infrastructure designed to protect your valuable information, maintain high levels of service, recover from disasters, and meet regulatory compliance requirements. With solutions that are customisable, scalable and cost-efficient.

How do you keep your data available?

To keep your critical systems highly available , consider Dell's comprehensive line of Intel® -based servers, Dell PowerVaultTM  and Dell/EMC storage, software and supporting services - they can become the building blocks of your strategy for continuous operations. From redundancy built into our server and storage platforms to high availability clustering solutions for fail-over, we have industry standards based options to help keep your information accessible around the clock.

Stay prepared for the unexpected with Disaster Recovery options that match your needs and budget. Take advantage of advances in technology and adopt a tiered approach to protecting your data, matching the appropriate level of protection to the value of the data across its lifecycle. Use redundant systems for continuous access to applications. And deploy rapid equipment replacement and site recovery services where needed.

If fast recovery from backup is important, check out Dell's Backup to Disk solution.

Need help getting started? Let us help you address your critical needs, then design a plan that matches your objectives.

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