Introducing the Dimension XPS

Introducing the Dimension XPS

The Ultimate Gaming PC

Dimension XPS

Feel the adrenaline rush through your system
Turn on to the amazing Dimension XPS, the elite gamers' PC. Single or multiplay it delivers outstanding graphics with full-on performance, dominating battlefields and outracing the opposition with ease. Designed by serious gamers, for serious gamers, the XPS is fully loaded and so hot it needs five cooling fans to keep its awesome specialised hardware from meltdown.

XPS, locked and loaded with full arsenal
XPS systems are easy to open, upgrade and expand with the tool-less entry chassis. The chassis comes standard with, two front 2.0 USB ports, a front IEEE1394 port, and front headphone and microphone jacks, which are easily accessible behind a fold-away door.

Your 24 Hour Backup is here
Because XPS users demand the best, we give you private access to the Dell XPS Support Team. Serious technicians and serious players ready to sort out any problems that threaten your performance with a 24 hour dedicated service & support available to all XPS users.

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