New! Dell notebook Inspiron 9300

New! Dell notebook Inspiron 9300

A better perspective for portable multimedia & entertainment

InspironTM  9300 - Power, Portability & Style

The InspironTM  9300 was designed to power high-end multimedia applications and keep you entertained - anytime and anywhere. Whether into music, video- and photo-editing, gaming, or just enjoying your DVDs, you'll find the InspironTM  9300 a perfect partner to all your computing needs. With weight starting at just 3.6kg (or 7.92 lbs) - including the wide screen display - and coupled with Intel®  CentrinoTM  Mobile Technology, whether travelling between your home and the office or further afield, the Inspiron™ 9300 delivers both power and portability.

It's an ideal notebook for high-end multimedia enthusiasts as well as the business user who can't compromise on performance when travelling.

An ideal desktop-replacement candidate

Equipped with a 17" UltraSharpTM  wide screen display in two choices of resolution, your choice of Microsoft® Windows®  XP operating system, Mobile Intel® Pentium®  M Processor up to 2.13 GHz, a choice of 64MB or 128MB ATI Mobility Radeon®  X300 or 256MB NVIDIA® GeforceTM  6800 Go graphics cards, great storage capability, a variety of I/O ports as well as integrated wireless access, the 9300 is a powerful, portable alternative to a desktop PC.

With the 9300, you'll get the perfect notebook for stunning presentations, intensive business productivity, multimedia content and digital video/image editing, as well as entertainment - anytime & anywhere.

Get Your Own Portable Cinema

Equipped with your choice of 17" UltrasharpTM  wide screen display, an integrated DVI-D port and PCI-Express x16 graphics card, you'll enjoy a superior viewing experience with the Inspiron 9300. The bigger screen size is ideal if you are working simultaneously on several documents, require maximised screen space for dazzling presentations or just want to really enjoy cinematic-quality DVDs. Because it's designed for the discerning multi-media enthusiast, it is fully equipped with a multitude of I/O ports to connect your home electronic and peripheral devices to.

Truly Mobile

Equipped with Intel® CentrinoTM  Mobile Technology, the 9300 delivers outstanding performance and exceptional battery life at the same time. Add to that the lightweight and slim form factor, and you have the perfect notebook for frequent travellers. All these features and performance have been repackaged in a new, attractive design in arctic silver and alpine white.

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