EC-EMEA Distributor List

Please contact the Dell Partners listed below to purchase Dell products in your country

Dell Master Distributor (for resellers only)

DASPDistributor Contact: Johny Rahme
E-mail: jrahme@hdfsas.com
Telephone: + 33 1 49 79 42 78
Fax: + 33 (0) 1 49 79 45 33
HDFDistributor Head Office: HDF, 14 Rue du Bas Marin,94537 Orly CEDEX, France
Web Site: www.hdfsas.com

Dell Authorised Reseller

Ste Computer Shop S.P.R.L.
Reseller Contact: Najib El Husseini
E-mail: it.manager@computershop.cd
Telephone: 00243 814504030
Distributor Head Office: Immeuble Botour Local n°92 Croisement des avenues du Colonel Ebeya et de Bokassa Kinshasa - Gombe République Démocratique du Congo
Ets. Orange
Reseller Contact: Mr. Rahim Darediya
E-mail: rahim@orangerdc.com
Telephone: +243817865555
Distributor Head Office: Kinshasa - R.D. du Congo AV. de l'équateur N°19 Complexe Mateba - Gombe
Reseller Contact: Bruce Otjacques
E-mail: info@goshoprdc.com
Telephone: +243 817 262 214
Distributor Head Office: Avenue du lac 225- Himbi-Goma République Démocratique du Congo
Reseller Contact: Martina Mir
E-mail: zahid.mir@keytech-congo.com
Phone: +243 81 0558208
Fax: +243 998669955
Distributor Head Office: Maison Mir Sprl 119,BLVD 30 JUIN.KINSHASA
Reseller Contact: Zahid Mir
E-mail: zahid.mir@keytech-congo.com
Phone: + 243 810558208
+ 243 998669955.
Distributor Head Office: MAISON MIR Sprl N,70 Chef Katanga (Lwapula)LUBUMBASHI (KATANGA)
Reseller Contact: James Bayukita Makula
E-mail: jbayukita@m-intercom.com
Telephone: 00243 81 083 0992
Distributor Head Office: Immeuble Botour Local n°5 Croisement des avenues de la Presse et du Colonel Ebeya,Kinshasa - Gombe République Démocratique du Congo
Reseller Contact: Anil Verma
E-mail: info@radiocomdrc.com
Phone: +243 997192777
Distributor Head Office: Immeuble Botour 68/69,Avenue Luambo Makiadi,Kinshasa - Gombe. R.D. CONGO
Reseller Contact: Dinkar Mulki
E-mail: info@radiocomdrc.com
Phone: +243 998574657
Distributor Head Office: Immeuble ex-Mokador,Coin des Avenue Chaussée Laurent Désiré Kabila & Lomami,Commune de Lubumbashi Katanga- R.D.CONGO
Burotop Iris SPRL
Reseller Contact: Ibrahim Khayat
E-mail: ikhayat@iris-congo.net
Telephone: +243993118660
Distributor Head Office: 24 avenue du Colonel Ebeya Kinshasa, Kinshasa, CD