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Schools Contacts


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Internal Account Managers
Area covered                                 Inside Sales Rep                                                     ISR Tel:                              ISR Email         
Scotland Higher EducationChristine Hutton0844 338 1007Christine_Hutton@dell.com
North West Higher EducationJack Muir0134 437 3943jack_muir@dell.com
North East 1 Higher EducationDaryl Hannah0141 202 5244daryl_hannah@dell.com
North East 2 Higher EducationJamie Taylor0134 437 3180Jamie_Taylor1@dell.com
Midlands Higher EducationNigel Barclay0134 437 3948Nigel_Barclay@dell.com
Eastern Region & Cambridge UniNatalie El Asmar0141 202 5053Natalie_el_asmar@dell.com
South Central Higher EducationRoss McKean0134 437 3942ross_mckean@dell.com
M4 CorridorSteven Philips0141 202 5289steven_phillips@dell.com
London NorthPaul Fitzpatrick0134 437 3952paul_fitzpatrick@dell.com
London SouthRussel Dsouza0134 437 3273russel_dsouza@dell.com
Research, Oxford Uni & Oxford CollegesStuart McAleer0134 437 3472stuart_mcaleer@dell.com
London University GroupJohn Malcolm0844 338 4248john_malcolm@dell.com
South West Higher EducationChris McInally0141 202 5278Chris_McInally@dell.com

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