Financing options at a glance

Financing options at a glance

Choosing a lease

Dell Capital Services offers two main types of financing options - standard hire and hire purchase:

Standard Hire AgreementHire Purchase Agreement
Description A lease which allows the customer to continue to hire the equipment after the minimum period. A lease with an option to purchase for a fixed fee.
Who can benefit from this product ? Sole trader / Partnership / Limited Co.Limited Co. only
What is the minimum order size ? £300£300
What is the maximum order size ? There is no maximum limitThere is no maximum limit
What is the length of term ? 24 or 36 months24 or 36 months
Is a deposit required ? No. 1st payment is due on the 1st day of the month after deliveryNo. 1st payment is due on the 1st day of the month after delivery
What is the equipment mix that can be financed? Hardware, software and installationHardware, software and installation
What is the treatment with VAT ? VAT paid with rentalsVAT payable on signing agreement
What are the payment profiles ? Monthly or QuarterlyMonthly or Quarterly
How can I make my payments ? Direct DebitDirect Debit
Is it possible to upgrade the equipment during the lease term ? YesNo
What are the options at the end of the lease?
  1. Return the equipment
  2. Continue hiring
  3. Possibility to Purchase the equipment
Ends when all instalments and fees paid. Title passes to hirer if all payments & fees paid
Will the leased equipment appear on the balance sheet? On or off balance sheet as a fixed asset (to be determined by customers auditor)On Lessee balance sheet as a fixed asset

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