Dell Reseller Option Kit Overview

Dell Reseller Option Kit Overview

Dell and Microsoft are excited to announce the launch of the Dell Reseller Option Kit (ROK) - a faster, simpler and more profitable way to buy and deploy Microsoft server products tuned and certified for Dell-branded hardware.

Let the good times Roll
Add More Value
With Dell ROK you are able to be more responsive to your customers needs and to deliver customised, high-performance hardware and software configurations with greater ease.

Increase Revenue
Dell ROK gives you the opportunity to increase your attach rate on every Dell server, resulting in higher revenue and profit.

More Competetive Pricing
Purchasing Dell ROK together with Dell-branded hardware is more cost effective than buying them seperately.

Reduce Inventory Costs
Dell ROK allows you to order the most common Windows server operating systems separately from Dell-branded servers – reducing the need to carry inventory with preinstalled hardware and operating system configurations.

Convenience and Flexibility
Purchasing is fast and easy as certified stand-alone Dell ROK kits can be bought as another server option – like RAM, memory or hard drives.

Fast and Easy Deployment
Tested, tuned, and certified with Dell-branded hardware, your ROK software is packaged with the latest drivers and customized installation tools.

End-to-End Support
In addition to the latest Dell-tested and certified drivers you and your resellers enjoy 90-day hardware and software installation support.

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Hardware compatibility matrix
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Server 2008 SP2
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Your Dell Reseller Option Kit includes:

Your Dell Reseller Option Kit includes

  • Break the seal label(outlining returns,warranty terms etc)
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Windows Server OS CD Set
  • COA Label
  • Documentation