Handheld Buying Guide

Handheld Buying Guide


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Data Transfer

For the ultimate in organization, at home or on the go, you'll want to connect your handheld to your PC to transfer and synchronize data.

Most handhelds make the connection to PC via a docking cradle, which may or may not come with the handheld. The docking cradle sits next to your PC after you make the initial onetime connection to the USB port. Then you simply set the handheld into its cradle and use the software to synch up your data, transfer info, or download files. A serial port connection works the same way but uses cables to transfer the data. Setup for data transfer is a matter of plugging in, using the software, and then removing the cables.

With an infrared port on your handheld, you can beam info directly to another infrared-equipped handheld. And when you connect to your PC via infrared port, synching up doesn't involve a cradle or cables. Nor does wireless, the newest must-have connectivity technique. In the wireless space, the handheld/cell phone combination has hit the market, as well as wireless cell phones and two-way pagers with limited PDA functionality.