Handheld Buying Guide

Handheld Buying Guide


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Handhelds usually include the accessories and software necessary to function to their specifications, but it's worth double-checking. You'll need a docking cradle or cables to connect to your PC, and there are lots of options if they don't ship with your handheld. You might want a software add-on, and you can also get headphones for listening to MP3s, a microphones for voice commands, and a portable keyboard so that you can touch type with plenty of elbowroom.

Backup modules let you store the contents of your handheld apart from the device, so if you lose data because of battery failure, for instance, you just insert the backup module to recover all the data you saved.

Lots of items are available to help you take care of your handheld too, such as cases that come in protective hard plastic or elegant leather. Some cases clip discretely to your belt and others come in eye-catching hues. You can get LCD screen protective overlays and screen care kits to get the most from your display. Travel portfolios help to keep everything in one place.

Plenty of styluses are on the market so you might as well get an extra in case you misplace yours. An extra battery pack is a good idea too, and a car D/C adapter will keep your handheld up and running on the road.