Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services

Fast, affordable, and easy to use, Asset Recovery Services (ARS) is a suite of services offered by Dell that offers safe and environmentally-acceptable IT disposal solutions for desktops, laptops, servers, storage, networking, monitors, printers, projectors, and all computer related peripherals. The service includes transportation, flexible logistics, equipment processing and detailed security and environmental reports all for an affordable price. The service is available for any manufacturer's brand and typically for a minimum quantity of 20 assets.

Disposition options include:
  • Resale:  Equipment which meets functional and cosmetic requirements for resale markets will be sold based on the Used Equipment Purchase Pricelist (UEPP) schedule for the month in which the equipment was received and processed. Residual value is returned to the Customer. (Note: In general, used computer equipment over four years old has little or no resale value. This guidance may vary by product type.)
  • Recycle:  Equipment that has no resale value is stripped down. Components/alloys/smelted material is sold to help reduce costs, remaining components are disposed of in an environmentally appropriate way, in accordance with local and EU regulations and in compliance with the WEEE Directive.
  • Return to Lease:  Programme managed recovery of leased estate ensuring data cleansing, asset tag removal, detailed inventory reporting in advance of delivery back to the leasing company.
  • Donation:  Prepares retired equipment for delivery to a preferred donation partner by qualifying functionality and specification eligibility, and by addressing data security requirements in advance of donation.
  • Custom Solutions:  Dell can provide flexible service offerings and bespoke solutions to Customers requiring non-standard service or integrated deployments.

Why Should I Purchase Asset Recover Services?

Key Benefits:
  • Data Security:  Certifies Data Security on all HDD's using licensed software, to US DoD 5220-M and CESG Infosec 5 Enhanced standards, and that inoperable HDD's are physically destroyed. Removes Customer property/asset tags from equipment.
  • Reduce Costs:  Eliminates costly storage and frees up valuable workspace.
  • Increase Savings: Realises potential residual value for marketable functional product.
  • Environmental Compliance:  Certifies ethical recycling in accordance with EU guidelines.
  • Logistics:  Includes collection, packaging and transportation costs.
  • Reporting:  Provides detailed inventory reporting with environmental and data security certification.
  • Accountability:  Provides a single point of contact.

What Logistics Services are available?

ARS offers a comprehensive programme managed service for the handling, packaging and transportation of equipment which includes:-
  • Packaging of equipment
  • Multiple location pickup
  • Phased collections for large volumes, to suit refresh rate of new equipment
  • Programme Management
  • Other special logistics on custom bid basis
All the Customer has to do is consolidate the equipment in a central location close to an exit, with pallet access.

What Reporting information is included?

Dell addresses data security and environmental concerns through a detailed reporting process. Asset reports are issued upon completion of the selected disposition activity.
  • The Inventory and Reconciliation report specifically lists each major asset (whole unit) collected, together with its configuration, condition, and asset numbers etc.
  • Reports detail the audit trail by asset together with a financial (if applicable) and environmental reconciliation record for systems that hard disks were overwritten with an automated script and inoperable disks were destroyed.
  • Reporting also verifies that recycling (if any) was done in accordance with EU guidelines.

How does ARS help me be "environmentally-acceptable"?

By purchasing Asset Recovery Services, old IT equipment is recycled or resold, which helps keep environmentally sensitive materials out of landfills, enables materials to be recycled or reused, and helps conserve natural resources.

Dell Asset Recovery Services are available to EMEA customers subject to site readiness, geographic restrictions and terms of SOW. Some regional limitations may apply. Service specifications are subject to change without notification.

Statements of Work

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Visit www.euro.dell.com/recycling for more information or contact your Dell Sales Team.

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