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Open Licenses

Microsoft®  Open License

What is Open Licence?

Microsoft® Open License 6.0 is a software volume licensing program designed for corporate, government, charity, and academic customers who order as few as five licenses. After the initial order, customers can benefit from volume pricing for all licenses for the remainder of the two-year term of their Open License authorization number.

Open Business

Simplifies software purchases for small to medium businesses. No pools or points, just attractive discounts if customers buy five or more licences for any combination of products.

Open Business is structured to provide customers with pure licensing simplicity. Under Open Business, product pools and points have been eliminated to simplify the level A requirement.

You will no longer need a separate licence agreement for each product pool category as all software licences can be purchased on one order using one agreement at a single price level. They qualify for discount when they order any 5 licences. This means Open Customers can be presented with a more significant value proposition than ever before. You can receive substantial discounts when ordering five or more licences for any combination of Microsoft products, with no minimum licence purchase per product.

Open Business is targeted at small to medium business customers:
  • Minimum order requirement of 5 licences of any Microsoft software
  • Ability to purchase across all products from Open Licence Product List
  • All software products count as 1 licence.
  • No reorder minimum
  • Disks and documentation may be purchased separately
  • Reorders may be placed at any time throughout the two year agreement
  • No signed contractual agreement

Open Volume

There are discounts to those who purchase larger volumes in each product pool. The initial purchase sets the discount level for two years, enabling further low volume purchases at great prices.

Microsoft software products in Open Volume are divided into three categories, known as product pools. These are Applications, Systems and Servers. Each software product has an associated point value. When added together, the collective number of points generated by an order of software from the same product pool will determine the discount level available to the customer.

For each product pool, customers will require a separate licence agreement.

Under Open Volume, there are two discount levels available:
  • Level B - 150 - 499 points
  • Level C - 500+ points

The discount level achieved can then be applied to a customer's future purchases of additional licences from the same product pool during the 2 year agreement.

  • Significant discounts over full retail prices.
  • Opportunity to get the latest versions of Microsoft software through Software Assurance.
  • Ability to obtain licenses through multiple locations from a worldwide reseller channel.
  • Easier management of license portfolios with eOpen (electronic license tracking).
  • Reorder minimum of one license.

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