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Enterprise Agreements

Microsoft®  Enterprise Agreement

The Enterprise Subscription Agreement 6.0 is a new volume licensing agreement. It is specially designed for customers who have 250 or more qualified computers, want to standardise by installing one or more Microsoft Enterprise products on all these computers for at least three years and want to rent rather than buy their licences.

What are qualified computers?

From version 6 of the Enterprise Agreement program, customers will be transacting orders directly with Microsoft, using the customers chosen LAR to add additional value around services and solutions.

What are Enterprise products?

There are three Enterprise products:
  • Windows Desktop Operating System Upgrade  (either to Windows 2000 Professional or to Windows XP Professional)
  • Microsoft Office Professional  (The current version includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook Messaging and Collaboration Client and Microsoft Access)
  • Microsoft Core Client Access Licence  (Exchange, Windows, Systems Management and Sharepoint)


Software Assurance is built in to Enterprise Subscription Agreements, that is customers are guaranteed rights to the latest versions of software throughout the agreement term.

Customer commitment

Your Enterprise Subscription Licence customers must commit to renting a licence for all their qualifying computers for the whole agreement term of three years, although if the number of computers varies up or down during the term, then the number of licences rented can vary too.

Price levels

Because Enterprise Subscription customers are renting the software licences rather than buying them outright, they pay significantly less each year than Enterprise Agreement customers (who themselves receive a generous volume discount). The price level depends on the number of qualified computers that they licence for the year.

Customers who rent all three Enterprise products receive an additional 15% platform discount.

How price levels are set

Enterprise Subscription Agreement - Volume Discount Levels

When your customers sign an Enterprise Subscription Agreement, they must license all their qualifying computers with one or more of the three Enterprise Products: Windows OS upgrade, Office Professional, or Core Client Access License (CAL). The number of computers they license at this stage determines the level of rental payment they make for Enterprise products for the first year of the term - the more computers the lower the per computer payments.

  • 250 computers entitles the customer to level A payments
  • 2,400 computers entitles the customer to level B payments
  • 6,000 computers entitles the customer to level C payments
  • 15,000 computers entitles the customer to level D payments

Enterprise products - subsequent years

At the end of each year customers submit a report of how many qualifying computers they now have. Payment levels for the following year are based on this revised number.

Additional products

Customers can choose from a selection of non-Enterprise products, for example Windows Server, Exchange Server, Project, FrontPage and so on, to be included in the agreement. They can rent these non-Enterprise licences for some or all of their qualifying computers.

The price level for non-Enterprise licences depends on which 'pool' they are in and which Enterprise products the customer has rented.

To explain: all Microsoft products, Enterprise and non-Enterprise, are organised into three categories or pools. These are PC applications, PC operating systems and server software (including CALs). The price for non-Enterprise products from the same pool as an Enterprise product the customer has rented is at the same level as the Enterprise product. Other non-Enterprise products are at level A.

At the end of the three years

At the end of the three years, customers can renew the agreement for one or three years or they can buy 'perpetual' licences at a reduced rate. If they choose to do neither of these they must remove the software from their computers.

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Program Comparisons

October 1, 2001

Microsoft® Enterprise Agreement 6.0 and Enterprise Subscription Agreement 6.0 are now available. This table outlines the differences between previous 5.0 programs, Enterprise Agreement 6.0 and Enterprise Subscription Agreement 6.0.

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