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Dell Projectors

Discover Dell Projectors Powered by DLP

DLP®  technology from Texas Instruments is found in some of today's best projectors, including a wide variety of projectors from Dell. The ultra-fast DLP chip at the heart of every DLP projection system helps to ensure that your Dell projector delivers highly reliable, consistent picture quality, and can provide a low total cost of ownership.
  • Filter-Free Design: DLP technology enables many DLP projectors to have a filter-free design. Having no filters to clean or change can translate to lower maintenance and operating costs over the lifespan of your projector.
  • Lasting Picture Reliability: DLP projectors are virtually immune to color decay—the common issue that causes many LCD projectors to display a yellow or green tint as they age. With DLP technology, you get amazing picture reliability.
  • Stunning Image Quality: BrilliantColorTM  technology in many DLP projectors process up to six colors or more (versus only three primary colors in LCD projectors). The results are easy to see: stunning, vibrant colors, and an increase in color brightness by up to 50% over DLP projectors without BrilliantColor.

A Wide Selection to Meet Your Requirements

Choosing a Dell projector is as simple as defining your priorities. Whether you need an extremely bright projector for big conference rooms, a classroom projector, or a projector to mount in a conference room or entertainment center, Dell has the perfect projector to meet your needs.

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Ultra Mobile Projectors
Small Conference Projectors
Large Conference Projectors
Small, lightweight projectors made for travel and presentations on the road.Practical projectors bright enough for small and medium-size venues such as small boardrooms and meeting rooms.Ultra bright projectors designed for presentations in large venues, including training rooms, auditoriums, churches, concerts and nightclubs.
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