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PowerConnect W-Series
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Leading the new top-of-the-line, high-performance AP134/135 PowerConnect W-Series access points (APs), which are capable of a remarkably fast 450Mbps data rate.

The PowerConnect W-Series AP family also includes instant access point (IAP) products designed to work without controllers, as well as remote access points (RAP) intended for remote branch offices and teleworkers. The IAP family includes the IAP93, IAP94 and IAP105, while the RAP-5 and RAP-WN fill out the RAP family.

Dell has also introduced the AmigoPOD, a guest access system that delivers secure, easy- to- use wireless network access to guests and, employees. AmigoPOD is available as application software that runs on a work station or server or as a dedicated hardware appliance.

The Dell PowerConnect W-Series has been upgraded to ArubaOS®  to 6.1 with new capabilities, such as Device Fingerprinting technology, which allows network administrators to assign network policies on device and OS types to deliver greater control over which devices are allowed to access the network and how these devices can be used. ArubaOS 6.1 also supports IP version 6 (IPv6) for rapid growth in mobility devices, Suite B security cryptography, and an optional Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)-compliant Layer 2 encryption module called xSec for U.S. Government deployments.

PowerConnect W-Series Products

PowerConnect W-Series access points

Dell PowerConnect W-Series Access Points (APs) are 802.11n based access points for both indoor and outdoor use requiring an external controller. It has features to address the specific performance and productivity needs of; distributed enterprise networks, from large campuses to small branch and remote offices.

Configured by Dell PowerConnect W-Series Controllers, the APs require no manual configuration, utilize automatic software updates and are managed centrally from controller. 802.11n Wi-Fi access point enables wire-like performance of up to 450Mbps per radio and comes with variety of options to address end customers’ needs. Options include radio band, number of radios, internal or external antennas, indoor or outdoor use as well as various power options. A unique secure enterprise mesh mode is available in environments where wired connectivity is not possible.

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PowerConnect W-Series Access Points

PowerConnect W-Series mobility controllers

The PowerConnect Series of Mobility Controllers works seamlessly with any mix of PowerConnect W-Series access points and delivers high-performance, secure and reliable wireless access and management of all Access Points. Some of the tasks performed by controllers are; management of Layer 2-3 networking, authentication and encryption, virtual private networking (VPN), Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF), Adaptive Radio Management (ARM), and the RFProtect™ Spectrum Analysis and Wireless Intrusion Protection capabilities.

Dell PowerConnect W-Series Controllers has three series of controllers; W-600, W3000 and scalable chassis based W-6000. PowerConnect W-600 series is targeted at remote and small office location and is capable of managing up to 16 access points. It features dual-band, single-radio AP with USB ports for connection to print servers and network storage. The W-3000 Series is targeted at medium to large offices that can support up to 128 AP’s. While W-6000 with W-6000M3 mobility controller module capable of managing up to 4096 Access points is targeted at corporate headquarters and large campus deployments.

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PowerConnect W-Series Mobility Controllers

PowerConnect W-Series Controllers OS

Make your wireless enterprise network a safe and adaptable engine for growth with Dell PowerConnect W-Series mobility controllers and access devices powered by PowerConnect W-Series Controllers OS. Designed for scalable performance and enhanced security, W-Series OS employs the extensive capabilities of the following software modules:
  • Hardened, multicore, multithreaded supervisory kernel that manages administration, authentication, logging and other system operation functions.
  • Embedded real-time operating system that powers dedicated packet-processing hardware and implements all routing, switching and firewall functions.
  • Programmable encryption/decryption engine, built on dedicated hardware, that delivers client-to-core encryption for wireless data and software VPN clients.
  • Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) agent that employs infrastructure-based controls to optimize Wi-Fi client behavior. It automatically ensures that Dell W-Series access points (APs) stay clear of interference, resulting in a reliable, high-performance wireless LAN infrastructure.
  • RFProtect +WIP (Wireless Intrusion Protection) , an optional software module enabled through license keys, actively helps detect and disable rogue APs, man-in-the-middle attacks, DoS and other threats before they penetrate the wired network. The RFProtect + WIP module also includes a power spectrum analyzer to appraise non-802.11 sources of RF interference and their effects on 802.11 wireless LAN channel quality.
  • Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) , an optional software module enabled through license keys, is with robust, ICSA-certified firewall protection and network policy enforcement, enables you to quickly enforce access policies for wired, wireless and VPN users, specifying who can access the network and which areas of the network are accessible. PEF also supports voice over Wi-Fi deployments for the enterprise with SIP protocol support.

Airwave Wireless Management Suite (AWMS) for PowerConnect W-Series products

Help simplify network management and deliver greater operational efficiency for your rapidly growing PowerConnect W-Series-based network with the Airwave Management Wireless Suite (AWMS) powered by Aruba Networks. Offering a comprehensive suite of management options and an easy-to-use interface, AWMS readily supports the mobile workforce and configure setups. Its mobile device manager presents a single view of all devices on the network for easy monitoring and also administers wired-equipment configuration and reporting. What’s more, with AWMS you can quickly expand your network while reducing the number of tools you need to support the network.
Airwave Wireless Management Suite (AWMS)

PowerConnect W-Series Products

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