Planning for Energy Requirements with Dell Servers, Storage, and Networking

Dell PowerEdge Servers' best performance per watt

The Dell Energy Smart Solution Advisor and Data Center Capacity Planner help IT professionals plan and tune their compute and infrastructure equipment for maximum efficiency. Offering a wide range of configuration flexibility and environmental inputs, both tools can help right-size your IT environment.

Energy Smart Solution Advisor (ESSA)

Supported Products:
  • Blade Servers: M1000e, C5000, M915, M910, M710, M710HD, M610X, M610, C5220
  • Rack Servers: R910, R815, R810, R715, R710, R610, R515, R510, R415, R410, R310, R210 II, C6145, C6145 1MB, C6105 4MB, C6105, C6100 4MB, C6100, C2100, C1100
  • Tower Servers: T710, T610, T410, T310, T110, T110 II
  • Storage: MD3220i, MD3220, MD3200i, MD3200, MD1220, MD1200
  • Rack Enclosures: PE4820, PE4220, PE2420
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Dell Data Center Capacity Planner (DCCP)*

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Enterprise Solution Configuration Tool

PowerEdge Enterprise Solution


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