Cost-effective Scaling

By simplifying operations and improving utilization, organizations can take advantage of cost-effective scaling. Industry-standard enterprise hardware and integrated systems management tools enable organizations to pay as they grow and as demand dictates.

The ability to add capacity as needed ensures a productive, scalable and compatible environment without having to over-invest in technology. Organizations can meet the predicted requirements of their business, and can dynamically deploy the resources in their infrastructure to meet peaks in demand via a common pool.

Scalable Enterprise - Cost-effective Scaling

Cost-effective scaling can provide tremendous benefits:
  • Management of IT budgets and resources to provide optimum computing horsepower and capacity for current needs
  • Addition of capacity quickly and seamlessly when needed for planned and prolonged requirements
  • Dynamic utilization of existing resources based on policies and procedures that dictate how to handle seasonal or unplanned demands via new technologies for the datacenter

These benefits bring significant flexibility and control to the IT infrastructure to more efficiently meet the organization's needs.

Dell is:
  • Investing in, driving, and utilizing industry standards to create relevant products with great quality and superior value
  • Engaging and adding value through strategic partnerships and alliances to meet Customer needs
  • Providing the tools and services to enable rapid deployment and rapid resolution, including planning, implementation and maintenance services

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