Simplify Operations

Simplify Operations

Most IT organizations are faced with using different tools to manage their server hardware, storage hardware, operating systems and applications, adding another layer of cost and complexity to the overall IT operation.

Operating system and application updates require more time than server hardware updates*, so IT organizations should automate updates with systems management tools available today. Leading hardware vendors are working with the operating system and systems management tool vendors to:
  • Further integrate management tools
  • Lower costs
  • Reduce complexity

IT organizations must simplify their operations through automated, one-to-many deployment and change management tools and integrated monitoring solutions. They must also look for robust and reliable solutions that are based on industry standards. Through standards-based vs. proprietary solutions, IT organizations can retain the flexibility choice and control needed to best manage their businesses.

Utilizing these automated, integrated industry-standard management solutions will simplify operations today and enable IT operations for the future.

Dell champions broader server management standards to increase our customers' solution breadth and interoperability
  • Industry-standard IPMI server base management interface on all new PowerEdgeTM  servers
  • Block release program for non-critical system updates to simplify change management
  • Integration with third-party systems management tools and reduction in separate tool requirements
  • Standards-based instrumentation that supports group and enterprise server monitoring

*Server Centric Computing: An Infrastructure Perspective, Outlook and Analysis," IDC, March 2003

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