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Whether you're looking for an affordable entry-level server or a high-performance server for mission-critical applications, the range of Dell PowerEdgeTM  servers meet your business' needs. Available in a variety of freestanding tower and rack-capable configurations, PowerEdge servers are supported by Dell's award-winning service, offering the reliability and value you expect from a Dell product.

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Features1-10 Users11-50 Users51-100 Users
File/Print Server
Provides central storage for shared files and controls network printer traffic.
E-mail Server
Runs an e-mail application, directing internal e-mail traffic, and sending and receiving e-mail to and from the Internet.
Application Server
Powers processor-intensive core business applications to multiple users simultaneously.
Database Server
Runs database software, enabling the server to hold, organize and distribute vast quantities of critical information.
Multi-tasking Server
Allows small businesses to use a single server for multiple tasks.
Web Server
Holds the data for Internet and/or Intranet Web sites and delivers the data in the form of Web pages as users request it.
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