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Architecture, Engineering and Construction

On a complex building project, architects, engineers and their construction colleagues share a variety of opinions to accomplish their goal; but one detail remains constant - they can't afford to take chances when their livelihood, and the safety of others is involved.

They need to know that they can depend on their advanced applications and workstations to work together reliably to help them get designs done on schedule and without compromise.

Dell PrecisionTM workstations are stress-tested and certified by industry leading software partners to help AEC customers accomplish their key objectives and find the right balance between performance and precise.

Dell and the Industry

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"Dell and Autodesk have a symbiotic relationship. The Dell Precision workstations are certified to work with AutoCAD 2006 and AutoCAD LT 2006 [and] the Dell Precision workstations are ideal for the AEC power-user who focuses on high end graphics and digital content creations. Engineers and Architects depend on creating 3D graphics for their technical projects."

- Bill Fawcett, Director of Distribution Sales, Autodesk