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Oil and Gas

Geophysicists and engineers working in the oil and gas industry can't afford to take risks with their data or equipment. Accurate and timely information can mean a financial and lifestyle impact that spans from the researcher to the customer to the world.

They require a workstation platform that supports advanced processing performance, detailed graphics and reliable data storage to support and process the vast information their research generates.

Dell PrecisionTM workstations are specifically designed to meet those requirements and feature performance and reliability robust enough to work in the office or the locations field work takes our customers.

Dell and the Industry

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"Our customers are continually pushing the limits of existing workstations. Working with Intel and Dell through their development lifecycle to deliver a new, high-performance workstation will ensure that our users have the technology they need to make faster, more accurate, decisions."

- Ihab Toma, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Schlumberger