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Dell EqualLogic software gives you enterprise power with everyday simplicity by offering end-to-end solutions so you can efficiently move the right data to the right place at the right time for the right cost. EqualLogic PS Series is inspired by its users with built-in advanced software features enabling high-end storage to organizations of all sizes with no additional licensing fees.

The EqualLogic advanced software features enables IT professionals to:
  • Virtualize storage environments easily
  • Protect business critical data
  • Optimize storage performance
  • Streamline storage management and operations

By using the advanced features in EqualLogic, IT departments can leverage existing investments and maximize the capabilities of PS Series. Let EqualLogic do the work for you, while still maintaining control of your storage environment.

Advanced Software includes:

EqualLogic Array Software, including* EqualLogic Firmware*, *EqualLogic Group Manager* and *EqualLogic Manual Transfer Utility provides you with advanced SAN functions that automatically virtualizes and optimizes storage resources and provides advanced data protection and SAN management.

EqualLogic SAN Headquarters, a full-featured monitoring and analysis tool for EqualLogic PS storage arrays, helps strengthen your ability to analyze and optimize storage performance and resource allocation.

EqualLogic Host Integration Tools enable efficient data protection and simplify management and operation of the EqualLogic SAN through tight integration with Microsoft® , VMware® and Linux® operating platforms and applications. These tools can reduce the time spent on storage management while increasing the reliability and performance of the environment.

Learn about EqualLogic Software

EqualLogic arraysoftware

EqualLogic Array Software
EqualLogic Array Software includes the EqualLogic Firmware, EqualLogic Group Manager and EqualLogic Manual Transfer Utility.

EqualLogic Firmware
EqualLogic Firmware is a SAN operating system that's integrated across the entire family of EqualLogic PS arrays. Unique peer storage architecture helps deliver consistent performance through virtualization and optimization of resources across the SAN.

EqualLogic’s latest firmware (release 6.0) offers new features so your hardware can continue to meet your current needs and be ready to grow with you as the demands of the virtual era increase. New features include:
  • Real-time data protection with Synchronous Replication
  • Increased efficiency with Snapshot Space Borrowing, Volume Unmap, and Volume Undelete
  • Improved data security, incorporating full-encrypting SED drives and IPSEC

Key FeaturesFeatures
Synchronous Replication
Synchronous Replication (SyncRep) maintains two identical copies of a volume across two different storage pools in the same PS Series group for real-time data protection ensuring that a viable, hardware-independent copy of the volume is always available.

Snapshot Space Borrowing
The Snapshot Space Borrowing feature enables you to temporarily increase the available snapshot space for a volume by borrowing from the snapshot reserve of other volumes and pool free space, preventing additional overhead costs to deal with temporary usage spikes and allowing you to keep your older snapshots from being automatically deleted.

Volume Unmap
Volume Unmap helps recover unused space previously allocated to volumes, offering cost-effective storage capacity utilization for users running VMware, Microsoft, and Linux platforms.

Volume Undelete
Volume Undelete enables you to restore volumes deleted by mistake. Deleted volumes are stored in a volume recovery bin, where they are preserved for up to one week, or until free space is required—protecting your data availability.

Support for SED drives and IPsec
EqualLogic Firmware now offers support for for SED (Self-encrypting drives) and IPsec—offering you latest in data security.

Data Center Bridging
Data Center Bridging (DCB) is designed to improve quality of service with consistent and even traffic flow in a converged SAN/LAN networking fabric.

Automatic Load Balancing
EqualLogic load-balancing features automatically balance workloads by seamlessly spreading data across multiple active storage resources, helping maximize performance by intelligently optimizing the available network connections, cache, controllers, and drives.

Peer Storage Architecture
"Peer" describes the collaboration and equal partnership of a single, simple architecture. Arrays function as peers and work together to share resources including cache, disks, network and I/O. This cooperation enables the even distribution of workloads, application performance optimization and comprehensive data protection.

Rapid Provisioning
The intelligence of virtual storage provisioning combined with the modular design of EqualLogic storage arrays enable you to quickly and easily expand storage capacity without affecting data availability. You can start with a single storage array—then, as storage, performance, and network requirements grow, add more members to help increase capacity, performance, and network bandwidth.

Storage Pools
Storage pooling provides the ability, within a single SAN, to create sub-groups of arrays that enable you to optimally configure and prioritize applications for the required level of service. You can configure separate storage pools within a single SAN to help build an efficient, flexible, easy-to-manage storage environment.

Point-in-time Replication
EqualLogic point-in-time replication remotely replicates data from one PS group to another over a standard IP network over long distances, helping provide your organization with high levels of data protection and disaster tolerance.
Features introduced in release 6.0
  • Synchronous Replication
  • Snapshot Space Borrowing
  • Volume Unmap
  • Volume Undelete
  • Support for SED drives and IPsec
Features you have come to rely on
  • Data Center Bridging
  • Automatic Load Balancing
  • VMware®  Thin Provisioning awareness
  • Auditing of Administrative Actions
  • Microsoft®  Active Directory Integration
  • Peer Storage Architecture
  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Storage Pools
  • Roles-based administration
  • Thin Clones
  • SAN Data Copy Offload
  • SAN Zero Offload and Scalable Lock Management for VMware
  • Intelligent Tiering of Data across models that combine SSD and hard drives
  • Integration with the VMware®  vStorage APIs
  • Non-disruptive array upgrades
  • Non-disruptive array removal
  • Online data and volume movement
  • Automatic RAID placement
  • Thin provisioning
  • Instant volume restore
  • Multi-volume, writeable snapshots
  • Snapshot and point-in-time replication scheduler
  • Volume cloning
  • Volume consistency sets
  • Auto-stat disk monitoring system
  • E-mail home
  • Enclosure monitoring system
  • Performance monitoring

EqualLogic Group Manager

EqualLogic Group Manager
Looking for ways to simplify and streamline your storage management?You can manage EqualLogic arrays in a SAN through a single interface—the EqualLogic Group Manager. This Web browser–based Graphic User Interface (GUI) helps eliminate the need for a dedicated management workstation or server and allows you to remotely manage virtually any aspect of your EqualLogic iSCSI-based SAN. The EqualLogic Group Manager is also available as a Command Line Interface

EqualLogic Manual Transfer Utility
The EqualLogic Manual Transfer Utility is a host-based tool for Windows®  and Linux®  operating systems that enables replication of large amounts of data using removable media. This easy-to-use utility helps your organization eliminate network congestion, minimize downtime, and quick-start replication


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