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Disk Backup

Backing up data is critical for organization of all sizes. When considering the choices available, backing up data from disk and restoring data from disk is generally faster, easier and more reliable than backup up data from tape. Tape operates on a sequential access basis as opposed to the random access capabilities of disk. This allows for much faster backups and restores from disk when compared to tape. Due to expanding volumes of data that must be backed up and protected and shrinking backup windows, many IT departments have moved to or added disk based backups. However for long term storage keep in mind that tape backup offers a very well known technology that can be very cost effective. Read this report from the Clipper Group to learn more.

Backing up to disk offers the advantages of speed and reliability because disk drives can begin transferring files instantly, whereas tape drives require that the tape be loaded, accessed and sequentially written. Disk volumes, especially RAID volumes can have very fast read and write performance and backup to disk software enables disk backups and restores to be virtually instantaneous allowing administrators to schedule frequent backups helping reduce the risk of data loss. Plus disk backup offers high levels of flexibility so it can support simultaneous backup, restore and de-duplication operations unlike tape backup.

Dell offers a variety of . However to solve for the challenge of making disk based backups simpler and easier to use, Dell has teamed up with two leading backup software companies CommVault and Symantec to offer two backup-to-disk solutions that combine all of the hardware, software and services to get up in running in less than 30 minutes. These products offer next generation disk based backup with integrated support for tape giving IT departments a complete disk-to-disk-to-tape solution for fast, reliable, cost-effective data protection.

For entry level back up of individual servers, Precision workstations and OptiPlex desktops Dell offers the PowerVault RD1000. A rugged, removable disk drive that combines the speed of a hard disk with the portability of optical media for quick, easy, affordable backups. It includes FileKeeper Pro XE software for transparent, “always-on” continuous data protection and a complete backup of all of your system data.