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Storage In Healthcare

The demands of healthcare storage grow every day
Everyone is aware of the explosion of patient records and associated information that need to be managed from admission to discharge these days. And data integrity over a long period is now mandated with regulatory and compliance requirements of +30 years in some places. On top of that, storage and archiving is complicated and difficult to manage expecially when trying to maintain organisational efficiency, reduced costs and enduring the best patient care possible.

Can you guarantee what goes into storage comes back out when you need it?
Maintaining access for those who need it anytime, anywhere, from physicians to nurses to administrators must be balanced with patient confidentiality and at a cost that gives the organization the best value. You must reduce maintenance downtime, reduce the number of outages balanced with the need to protect the integrity of data. A well structured storage environment balances all these needs and requirements from different departments with the explosion in data volume along with security requirements.

Benefits of a well structured storage environment include:
  • Greater value through reduction of power, space, and overall cost per GB
  • 24x7 access to those who need it while ensuring protection and integrity of data
  • Business continuity via high availability with the ideal management tools, processes, and procedures
  • Better recovery/archiving for advanced data backup and accessibility, disaster recovery, and regulatory compliance
  • Deduplication of redundant data, helping reduce storage needs and overhead
  • Dramatic performance boost for core healthcare applications through centralised and virtualized data storage where appropriate
  • Enhanced secure data migration between storage tiers, physical locations, and applications
Dell helps you restructure your storage environment around your needs
Dell’s holistic approach utilises our experience, leadership and documented successes around storage and archiving architectures for Healthcare institutions like yours, together with our unique Workshop, Assessment, Implementation and Design (WADI) methodology to provide practical and cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Our free workshop is the ideal first step to assessing your healthcare organisation’s most pressing data storage needs. Call your dedicated healthcare account executive today to set up your whiteboard workshop appointment.

Learn more about the Dell Storage in Healthcare approach :


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