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Studio 15
39 cm (15.4") widescreen
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Studio 17
43 cm (17") widescreen

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Joseph Amedokpo

Joseph Amedokpo

Joseph Amedokpo lives and works as a professional artist in West Africa. Joseph received education and art training in Nigeria and a scholarship from the Yaba Trade Center, where he studied fine art.

Siobhan Gunning

Siobhan Gunning

After a lifetime love of art, design and photography, Siobhan Gunning combines all three in her digital collages, many of which focus on her travels. She currently lives in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Bruce Mau

Bruce Mau

One of the world’s most sought-after industrial designers, Bruce Mau founded the Institute Without Boundaries and is the recipient of numerous honors, including the Toronto Arts and Chrysler Awards.

Mike Ming

Mike Ming

Nicknamed after the Flash Gordon character? Mike Ming is totally opposite. Laid-back and peace loving, he takes everything life has to offer in New York City and beyond, and uses it as inspiration to express himself.

Joseph Amedokpo (PRODUCT) REDTM 

Joseph Amedokpo was born in Badougbe, a small village near the town of Vogan, Togo, (West Africa) in 1946. At the age of eight, he moved to Lagos, Nigeria, where he received his education and art training, receiving a scholarship in fine art at the Yaba Trade Center. Joseph returned to Vogan in the early ’80s to care for his family after his mother fell ill, and from that time, has supported himself and his family through his painting. He lives in Vogan with his wife and has five children.Joseph paints using locally available oils and his canvases are recycled flour sacks. His studio is part of his family compound, where a tin roof shelters him from the intense African sun and the seasonal rains.

As he paints, Joseph visits with locals and listens to shortwave radio from other parts of the world. He scribbles on a blackboard the names of people and events he is curious about. Katrina. Tsunami. The current crop of political leaders. The AIDS crisis in Africa. His paintings touch on the failures and weaknesses of people, as well as their core strength, their hopes — how all kings eventually dance naked, brought down to earth with the rest of us. He hopes his participation with Dell and (PRODUCT) RED™ will expose his art to more people, and he is glad that his paintings will help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

Siobhan Gunning (PRODUCT) REDTM 

Born in Mombasa, East Africa, Siobhan Gunning’s upbringing involved frequent travels that brought her into contact with exotic coastlines, endless savannahs, wild animals, Masai and Samburu tribes (amongst others), the Great Rift Valley, the Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti Plains, and the source of the Nile. She now lives in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and derives daily inspiration from her view of the Umgeni River estuary and the Indian Ocean. She’s passionate about everything African and all of its Arabic, Indian, Portuguese, British and other influences. She’s curious about everything, and the older she gets she realizes how little she knows. Which makes her even more curious.

Siobhan has been involved in advertising and brand development for over two decades as a conceptualizer and writer, garnering international recognition. Over the years, she has collaborated on various projects ranging from documentaries to launching design and art publications. One of the latter has earned her recognition in Typography, D&AD, U&LC, and The Art Directors’ Annual, amongst others. After a lifetime love of art, design and photography, she has combined all three with her digital collages. She has had no formal training in image making which means she doesn’t know what rules she is breaking, but her urge to experiment and the “happy accidents” that often emerge bring her great joy.


Bruce Mau is one of the world’s most sought-after designers. He is the creative director of Bruce Mau Design, and the founder of the Center for Massive Change. Mau’s prolific body of work cuts across many sectors and disciplines. Mau’s studio has created books, exhibitions, retail environments, building graphics, park designs, corporate identities, videos, art installations, websites, and industrial products. Bruce was inspired by the science behind the fight against AIDS. His artwork represents the chemical bonding of the antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) that help save lives.

He has combined these bonding patterns with inspirational thoughts about the fight against AIDS. Mau’s honors include the Chrysler Award for Design Innovation; the Toronto Arts Award; an honorary fellowship at the Ontario College of Art and Design; and honorary doctorates from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Laurentian University. Mau has authored numerous books and publications on design, culture and the future.

Mike Ming

Born Michael Miyahira in Flushing Queens, 1972. In a class of four Mikes, his teachers and friends couldn’t pronounce Miyahira so they decided to call him Ming after Flash Gordon. His art style is nothing compared to the destruction and mercilessness of the movie, Ming. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to point out what is the true definition of Ming’s style. We can be certain that his urban raised background influences his art. His interests lie in comic books, video games, animations, cartoons, music, and a general absorbing of things popular and immediate in his environment. It was not until skateboarding entered his life in early 1984 that his current point of view began to take shape.

In 2007, Mike is still as deliberately unorthodox about his sense of visual identity as related to art, but now there is a deliberate intention of creating art that can somehow convey the exciting, wonderful world of movement and abstract momentary communication. Mike intends for his art to be received as a part of the natural order and flow of life, as if it was always there. In designing for Dell, Ming continues his style of randomness that connects one part of a sentence to the other. His hope is to communicate his visual world and empower people with the “Do it Yourself” attitude, giving them the confidence to take their own creative license.

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