Customer Instructions,Terms and Conditions

Customer Instructions
Please complete details as indicated on this form.
The details contained in Sections A-D represent your request for Dell to action a take back of end of life computer product under WEEE legislation and you agree to our Terms & Conditions
Dell will meet it's obligation to recycle based upon WEEE criteria for the country in which you have placed your new Dell order.
Please ensure you read and understand the Conditions of Service under which we carry out this service.
When you have completed this form, please press Submit.
Once your request is processed, you will receive a notification from our service provider to schedule a suitable collection date.If the weight of collection is less than 1ton, Dell’s service provider will provide you with a quote for the logistic service(only applicable for UK). Please visit www.dell.com/recycling to find out more information on WEEE legislation for your country.
If you have any queries then please email Recycling_EMEA@Dell.com

Terms & Conditions of Service
  • Pickups will be performed during regular working days and hours, in accordance to DELL customers’ opening hours or as per agreements taken in advance
  • Extra fee will be applied for pickups requested during public holidays, pickups in special areas (i.e. Limited traffic zones).
  • Pickup is executed within 10 working days from the date agreed.
  • Pickup area needs to be clearly communicated and with an easy access for loading operations.
  • In the eventually of any change of the pickup order (volume change, date and/or time change), Dell’s service provider needs to receive prior notice at least 5 working days before the agreed pickup date.
  • In case of pick up failure, (material not ready for pick up or wrong pickup location) Dell’s service provider reserves the right to charge logistic cost occurred .
  • Standard pickups fees do not include any packaging and palletizing operation; equipment to be collected needs to be found ready to be loaded and on pallets. If material needs to be packed, Dell’s customer will notify to Dell’s service provider in advance and additional charges will be applied to them.

Service Overview- This service provides an environmentally safe, and secure method to recycle computer equipment.

Recycling: Dell will dispose of used equipment in such a manner as to meet local, country and EU requirements and guidelines.

Customer Responsibilities:
  • Customer shall ensure that any returned material is securely packaged to prevent transportation damage
  • Customer will ensure any data on the systems to be recycled is backed up and remains with the customer. Dell will not be able to return systems.
  • Customer will ensure material returned is only computer hardware and no other products or materials

NOTICE REGARDING CUSTOMER DATA: Customer is responsible for removing all confidential data or data subject to applicable Data Protection legislation that may be stored on the products.
Customer is responsible for: (a) deleting the data on the hard-disk drives and any other storage devices in the products; (b) backing up or transferring any data prior to deletion; and (c) removing any removable media, such as diskettes, CDs, or PC Cards. Dell does not accept liability for lost or confidential data or any software.

NO CONTAMINATED PRODUCTS: This service is not intended for products that are or have become contaminated or suspected of being contaminated with chemicals, biological agents, or other substances that are not integral to the original new equipment or otherwise associated with normal office environments.

Additional Information:
  • Products cannot be returned to you.
  • If you fail to comply with the responsibilities outlined in the Terms & Conditions, then Dell is not obligated to provide the service to you. In addition, the service provider may reject equipment.