Storage Optimization through Data Deduplication from Dell

Storage Optimization through Data Deduplication from Dell
Dell is Delivering the Future of Data Deduplication
Faced with ever-growing storage needs, but not ever-increasing budgets, organizations like yours are looking for more ways to optimize your storage infrastructure and data management by:

  • Alleviating the challenges of data growth, including expanding capacity, power, cooling and management costs,
  • Enhancing availability and protection through better and faster data backup and restore, and
  • Relieving the backup burden from remote offices and departmental work groups
Dell is committed to helping you understand the underlying problems that are preventing you from meeting your storage needs and to finding solutions that can help address your current challenges while at the same time positioning you for what the future may bring. Data deduplication with compression is one technology that can help you optimize your storage and more intelligently manage your growing data – with less.

Harness the power of deduplication – Dell integrates Ocarina Networks into storage portfolio

If deduplication is to provide the greatest benefits in your environment, it should be optimized for the specific types of data you have, and not just be a one size fits all approach, or worse yet, be a collection of different point solutions that don’t work together. As a result of our desire to provide our customers with breakthrough, unparalleled data deduplication and compression technologies to help solve their data management challenges, Dell has integrated Ocarina Networks, and their powerful content-aware optimization technology into the storage portfolio. It is designed to enable our customers to dramatically reduce storage space requirements and the amount of redundant data across their enterprise, freeing up existing capacity, reducing storage expenses, even as their data grows, and allowing them to focus on getting more value from their data, instead of just working to manage it.

Deduplication Basics
Deduplication Basics

Deduplication is a storage-optimization technology that reduces the data footprint by eliminating multiple copies of redundant data and storing only unique data. Copies of the redundant data are replaced by references to the original data, sometimes called “pointers”. Deduplication can occur at the file, sub-file, or block level. At the sub-file and block levels, data commonly is divided into smaller segments which can be more easily analyzed for possible redundancies, as compared to using file level data, and more efficiently stored. Content-aware deduplication and compression takes this a step further by understanding the specific type of data being analyzed, then custom-tailoring the deduplication algorithm to the content to enhance capacity reduction and cost savings.

Deduplication can occur in multiple locations in your IT infrastructure, like in primary, secondary and archive storage. Secondary storage (i.e. backup data) with its vast amounts of redundant data, is especially attractive because of the nature of backup data. Typically the bulk of the data in an organization has not changed considerably from the last backup job, so storing copy after copy of the same file or data can unnecessarily consume resources – storage capacity, power, cooling and management.

Understand the Problem

Deduplication itself is not a panacea. It is a technology that can be part of a solution to enhance your data management and protection processes, but understanding your specific needs and challenges is the best way to determine how to get the most value from this technology. Dell has services that can help.

Deduplication Services from Dell
Dell ProConsult Deduplication Services

Dell’s ProConsult Deduplication Services help our customers simplify their IT, better manage their data and make the most of their storage infrastructure with a comprehensive suite of Storage Optimization and Data Protection services. They can help you better understand overall backup performance and identify opportunities to leverage key technologies like deduplication. Dell’s end-to-end suite of consulting services help customers understand the details of deduplication and assess its potential benefits in their unique environment before recommending one of a range of potential solutions. Dell’s consulting services are structured as short-duration, high-impact projects to deliver practical action-oriented plans.

Learn more about Dell ProConsult Services

Future-proof your data center

Companies of all sizes increasingly struggle with the relentless growth of data they must manage. Essential to the business yet often redundant in nature, data can strain storage and backup processes as administrators strive to ensure data availability and integrity while still meeting capacity and backup window constraints. The Dell DR4000 deduplication and compression backup appliance can help customers to alleviate these growing problems. By removing redundant data from the backup work stream the DR4000 can drastically reduce the storage footprint, enable core backup data to remain on disk and online longer, provide faster and more reliable restores, and reduce the complexity around tape management.

The DR4000 is a high-performance, disk-based backup and recovery appliance that is simple to deploy and manage, and offers unsurpassed Total Cost of Ownership benefits. Features such as innovative firmware and an all-inclusive licensing model ensure optimal functionality and the assurance of no hidden costs for desired future features

A cornerstone technology of the Dell Fluid Data Architecture, Dell’s deduplication and compression technology found in the DR4000 delivers a data reduction and protection solution with the future built in. By accelerating and streamlining the backup process the DR4000 ensures that information restores are delivered in a timely and accurate manner — in time with business needs. Less data and less management processes frees-up administrator time to work on more strategically important initiatives, at the same time that protection against downtime and disaster has been augmented. The DR4000 changes the economics of disk-based data protection.

In addition, Dell has solutions that use software deduplication to also help you meet challenges around data management, such as the PowerVault DL Backup to Disk Appliance powered by CommVault and the PowerVault DL Backup to Disk Appliance powered by Symantec.


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